Monday, April 1, 2024

Umbrella Wrapper Machine

Dunno if you ever saw an umbrella wrapper contraption before, but I wanted to share.  

You can find them in front of some stores in Japan.  It contains long skinny plastic bags for you to put your wet umbrellas into so you don't go dripping water all over the store floor.   So clever!

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Anonymous said...

they actually have similar things for the buildings around here too. more like a stand with long bags that you can just insert your umbrella in when you enter the buildings.
Does this one in Osaka do something mechanical? curious...

DrumMajor said...

That's a pretty fancy bagger. I've seen stands holding a batch of umbrella bags at the entrances to clinics and hospitals. You just pull one off to use it. Linda in Kansas

Anonymous said...

So smart!


K and S said...

love this gadget

Chet Colson said...

Leave for Japan next Monday. Will have my eyes open for this contraption. Ingenious.

Anonymous said...

J, Walmart had them. I think Kunia by the door as I used them for the cut flowers also by the door many many years ago. I haven't seen them for years. However I had to manually put them on. BTW Wendall has such good posture and he's so tall and trim. -N

Honolulu Aunty said...

Japan is a clever place, period!

Susan said...

I did see this. We had a couple rainy days while there.

jalna said...

V, it's a bit mechanical in that it's good to go right away. The bag is already open for you to stick your umbrella into. When you slide your bagged umbrella out, somehow the next bag is put into place for the next person to use.

Linda, I've never noticed them here. Maybe 'cause I don't usually have a wet umbrella to deal with when entering a building.

Izsmom, I know!

Kat, me too! It was raining that day and I did have a wet umbrella so I was happy to see the contraption in front of the store.

Chet, have fun!!

N, LOL, I'll tell Wendell. He tries to keep his weight down so that he can run fast playing softball.

Aunty, yup, very clever place!

Susan, so handy right!