Sunday, April 7, 2024

Japan Knife

For some reason I always like to come home from Japan with a Made in Japan knife.  It doesn't have to be one that's hundreds of dollars.  I just like the quality of knives from Japan, even inexpensive ones.  So far, all the ones that I've brought back are my go-to's. 

I kept my eyes open at the Doguyasuji kitchenware street.


This knife was displayed at the front of a pottery store called Kyoya.  Seemed like a good deal. 

But the challenge was maneuvering through this obstacle course to the register without knocking over a pile of dishes.  I side stepped my way through.

This kitchen scissors was also at the front of the store.  I bought a similar one from a Tsubame Sanjo store in Niigata around 10 years ago for $30.  Glad I bought it back then.  It's still "da best eva kitchen scissors" per Landon.  


Honolulu Aunty said...

Unreal shop! Can't go in with big bags. And you scored with the yen/dollar ratio nowadays! IF I ever go to Japan, I will make sure to buy a good knife.

Anonymous said...

Omigosh! If I was in that store, even walking sideways and trying hard not to knock anything over, I would have at least rattled some dishes that would make the owner worry. LOL


Susan said...

I would go crazy at that store. Especially the plates and bowls!

Chet Colson said...

Daiso and Don Quixote hea we come........ 1 day and counting to lift-off.

K and S said...

doguyasuji! loved looking at all their stuff

Anonymous said...

Man, I would go nuts with all those dishes! So beautiful and I know what you mean about crab walking, LOL. Even though I hardly cook anymore, I bought me a couple of knives in February from the Global knife shop in Tokyo. So sharp that I keep cutting myself accidently. I also bought a kitchen scissors from a knife shop in Dazaifu (Fukuoka) last May when I went. Seriously good stuff!

Anonymous said...

oh, and this is one of many stories because the yen is so weak see those dishes in your picture with the blue swirls on the top left shelf? In Matsuyama, there is a cute Starbucks that had a coffee cup for sale. pure white except for "Starbucks" printed vertically on the cup. But when you flip it upside down, the bottom has that design from an artist who is from Ehime. 6900yen!!! for a cup you can't even see the design!!! Anyway additional incentive to buy was because it is one of the few things made in Japan in Starbucks! it is beautiful, though.

jalna said...

Aunty, I hope you get to go soon.

Izsmom, I did rattle one pile which made me freeze for a bit. LOL.

Susan, I have to not even look at plates and bowls. They're even more dangerous at the swap meet.

Chet, LOL.

Kat, me too!

V, Starbucks sakura collection was released while we were in Osaka and a few in our group were excited about that. I just googled "Ehime Starbucks mug" and found one on eBay going for $146.33! Very pretty.