Friday, November 18, 2016


The other day when I got home from work I saw this on the counter.


I opened it up and saw this.  [Me: Whaaa?]

Then I saw this.  [Me: Oh oh.]

Then I saw this.  [Me: "Wendell, does this mean that the ice machine is fixed?"]

Then I saw this.  [Me: Crap] 

Click here if you don't know The Ice Machine Story. 


kobi said...

Too funny had to chuckle.

Kalin's Mommy said...

To bad the ice guy can't fix the noise it makes, LOL!

Susie said...

Hahaha too funny. You need ear plugs.

Susan said...

LOL...too, too, toooooo funnnnny! 'Twas just a matter of time...I'm so sorry.

jalna said...

It IS funny, Kobi.

Yah, for real, Mich.

LOL, Susie.

Hahaahaha, Susan. Thanks for the condolence.

Anonymous said...

j: double crap. You should've taken a sledge hammer to that $#*@# machine while you could. J: Ice is so cheap at COSTCO. Why oh why Wendell. At least he cooks ono food if that's any consolation. If this will make you feel a bit better, since you haven't mentioned it, if you're out Pearl City way there is a Japanese store in the same shopping center as Don Quixote. It's on the opposite side of Don Q by Longs and Ben Franklin fronting Kam Highway. It's in the space where Blockbuster use to be, named Sanki Fashion Mart. They have a lot of Japan clothing, a bit too much IMO, for women's, men's and babies. The sizing is Japanese in other words much much smaller than U.S. but the prices are very reasonable. They have tons of futons all much cheaper than Don Q and Marukai...and of course kawaii Japanese stuff. They sell calligraphy stuff too (thinking of you)....I bought nothing cuz I needed nothing. Store was pretty empty and don't know how long they'll last. I think if they were in the Kaheka area they might do much better. Also no refunds at all from Yelp posts. -N

Honolulu Aunty said...

SOOOO sorry, Jalna! I feel your pain.

Leslie's pics said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!! Wait, is it in the garage where I was changing on Monday? I never hear anything...hehe

K and S said...

oh oh...

jalna said...

Heeeey N, that store sounds interesting!! I might need to go that way and check it out.

Thank you, Aunty.

NOOOOOO, Les, it's on the other side of the house.

Yup, Kat.