Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Japan - Day 8 - Matsushima Bay

Thursday, October 20, 2016   Matsushima, Miyagi

Before arriving at our next destination which was to be Matsushima Bay, we made a stop at a rest area to have lunch. 

Here's what me and Sweetie chose.

After lunch the bus dropped us off at Shiogama Pier where we boarded a ferry for a scenic cruise through the waters of Matsushima Bay. 



Shiogama Pier is on the lower left corner of the map.  The red route is the one that our ferry took. We traveled northward and ended up in Matsushima. 

We sat on the lower level.  Good thing because upstairs was a noisy bunch of drunk guys.


The pine-studded islets floating in the Matsushima Bay is noted as one of the three most beautiful sights of Japan, known as the Nihon Sankei. It holds this distinction along with the sandbar of Amanohashidate and the torii of Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island.





About halfway through the ride my photos started looking like this, so I quit taking um. Maybe I shoulda joined the drunk guys upstairs for a better view.

We arrived in Matsushima after about 50 minutes.

Our room in the Matsushima Century Hotel was fabulous.

And so was the view. 



We had some time to spare before dinner so our guide Reiko recommended that we visit either Godaido Hall, a beautifully decorated temple located on an islet adjacent to the pier near our hotel, or Zuiganji, one of Tohoku's most famous and prominent Zen temples (both circled in blue by Reiko). Me and Sweetie chose to shop at Matsushima Fish Market instead (circled in red by me).

We made it just in time . . . they were closing in 10 minutes. No chance to take pictures in the store, but we did find a bunch of stuff to buy.


Leslie's pics said...

wow...soooo nice!! The hotel too, that place looks awesome!

Susan said...

I just wanna live in that hotel! I love the beautiful gardens in temple areas but me too, I'd choose "other"...as in, not a temple : )...maybe because my tummy always looking for something to eat in Japan.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Neat pics! Had to laugh - I would have bypassed the temples and gone shopping too.

jalna said...

Very beautiful area, Les!

I knooooow, Susan . . . too bad we were at the hotel for only one day!

For real yah, Aunty . . . temples? . . . shopping? . . . temples? . . . shopping?

Kay said...

This is so beautiful and brings back so many memories of being their with my grandmother, aunt and cousins. Sigh... It really is beautiful there isn't it?

Chet Colson said...

Awesome accommodations, with a beautiful view. I bet the food's great, too.

celia said...

Wow what a beautiful hotel room and view. There must have been a lot of rowdy drunk guys - lots of guys boarding the ferry. I want to visit Japan! Your pictures are so good!!!

K and S said...

love the view you had from your room

jalna said...

Awwww, must be great memories, Kay.

Oooh, da food, Chet!

Thank you, Celia.

So awesome yah, Kat.

Erick said...

Those rocks are so cool! Nice shots, are you using your mirrorless?

jalna said...

I took only my new Sony RX100 III with me, Erick. It was wonderful not having 5 pounds of gear around my neck.