Monday, November 21, 2016

Japan - Day 7 - Maruzen Kawamura Ringo-en

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Aomori

Aomori is known for its apples, so it was only fitting that first thing on our agenda for the day was apple picking at Maruzen Kawamura Ringo-en apple orchard where for $3.00 we could pick and keep three apples.

I found a very informative site about Aomori apples here


These tarp are placed below the trees to reflect sunlight to the bottom of the apples so that they ripen evenly. 





We were taught how to look for good apples as well as the proper way to pick them so as not to harm the plant for future apple growth.


After picking we could take our apples to a table to cut and taste our picks.


I loved this apple. It was delicious. Its skin was very dark red.

The taste reminded me of a sweet pineapple! According to fellow tour member Sandy, who (unlike moi) pays attention when being taught, it is a Red Gold variety. 


Anonymous said...

Neat! The apples look good. So what is the secret to picking good apples? It's hit and miss at the market for me. I dislike it when the apple is mushy or mealy or when it tastes overripe.


Anonymous said...

oooo, when I went on a tour several years ago with my mom, we went apple picking too. I learned that that translucent streak in the apples is what makes a really sweet apple. I think they called it honey. I'm drooling now!

jalna said...

Izsmom, the guy explained what to look for in different varieties of apples . . . certain apples had certain characteristics to look for. Sorry, I don't remember what they were. To pick, we needed to twist the apple at its segment to the branch and not tear the branch.

V, you went with your mom! So cool. I wish my mom would come with us but she no like.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Wow! I never saw an apple with that translucent streak in it - no actually I have, when my store bought apples sit on my counter for too long. So when I finally remember and decide to eat and cut it open, it is all smooshy and rotten already. Such a bad habit of mine, wasting food.

Susan said...

$3 for 3 apples, was that the limit? No wonder there are lotsa apples to go around. Someone told me the apples picked directly from the tree and eaten right then has a taste different from when you get it at the store and if it tastes like pineapple I'll love it even more!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, my mom paid so that's why I went! If I pay, I can't afford tours.... Just wander around by myself! But I don't get to sleep in nice hotels and eat those yummy looking buffets!

jalna said...

I know what you mean, Aunty. When it looks like that it's usually mushy to me. But this one was crunchy and sweet!

Yes Susan, that was the rate for picking. I wish I could eat that pineapple-tasting apple again!

V, if I had your booking and traveling skills I would totally do it your way.

Chet Colson said...

Shucks Jalna. We're going to Aomori, but not to the apple orchids. I'll go to Plan B, buy some in the stores.

jalna said...

Still gonna be ono, Chet!

Kay said...

I wrote a blog post about that glassy flesh in the apple. It's called watercore.

I used to think it was damaged. I didn't know it was indication of more sugar. No wonder your apples were so sweet.

Leslie's pics said...

how fun!! I think I no can go on tours with you cause both of us don't pay attention! Maybe I have ADD....I wanna take pictures...oooh! apples! I wanna pick apples! No wait, pictures. But i wanna eat the apples!

K and S said...

love aomori apples especially the fuji:)

jalna said...

Kay, I guessed that that's what it was. Thanks for the confirmation!

That's the problem, Les. No can take pictures and listen at the same time. But you? You got ADD. Hahahaha!!!

Kat, first time for me to taste right from the tree.