Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Omiyage Review

Here's a sorta review of some of the omiyage that I've tried.  I wish I had prices for you, but sorry, I don't remember anymore. 

This is Royce's newest flavor, Nama Chocolate.  It's a "velvety smooth 'fresh' ganache chocolate, containing at least double the amount of cream usually found in conventional chocolates".

It is melt-in-your-mouth ono. 

This Baton Cookies is also by Royce'.

It's a good one to bring back for the office because they're 25 individually packed cookies in it. 




This is Hokkaido butter.

Neat yah!

I ate it on this toast that I made from a loaf that my friend N gave to me. Oishiii!

She got it from Nagoya Ramen and Bakery in Mililani. Thanks N!!

I bought this from a store at the Aomori station.  It's called Kamome no Tamago.  It's a specialty of the Iwate Prefecture.

There were nine of these individual packs in the box. 

It's supposed to resemble a seagull egg. 

It has a manju-like white bean paste filling and a white chocolate coating. I liked the taste, but the glaze left a sweet film in mouth that lingered for awhile. I kinda didn't like that.

This is called Hagi no Tsuki and is from the Miyagi Prefecture. 

I think there were eight of these in the box.


It had a custard-like filling and a spongy cake outside. It was very refreshing right out of the fridge. I would so buy this again.

I got this from a store in Odaiba, Tokyo.

There were four of these in the box. It had a very dense cheesy filling that seemed over baked. It was not one of my favorites. 

I got this da-bomb eyeliner from a Lawson store for around $9. 

It looks to be an offshoot of Shiseido. 

It has a brush that draws a fine line really well. I looooove it. I tried looking for more at other Lawson stores in Japan, but most were out of them. I even looked in the Lawson store here in Waikiki, but no luck there either. 


Kalin's Mommy said...

Didn't realize they had a Lawson's store in Waikiki!

jalna said...

There are two, Mich. Mostly had stuff for the tourist to buy to take back home.

Anonymous said...

That chocolate looked divine!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Leslie's pics said...

UUUUUUUUUU Royce! my favooooooorite! I tried three flavors so far, I gotta try this one! Hey, I didn't see those baton cookies...did you bring those to work? Did the billing folks eat them all? heeheehee! My omiyage is all my tummy...thank yoooouu!

jalna said...

Awwww . . . Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Izsmom!!!!

Hahahahaha, no, Les. I brought some mochi-kine stuff for work. And you're soooo welcome!

Honolulu Aunty said...

So hard to figure out what to keep and eat and what to share with omiyage, yeah? They ALL look good until you try, but if you give the box away, then you don't get to try.

I notice that powdery aftertaste on some Japanese products too. I don't like it either - so I wonder what it is. Maybe an acquired taste?

gracie said...

ohhh i love your omiyage posts!! well, all your postshave a happy thanksgiving, actually! royce chocolates are so good ❤

happy thanksgiving!!

Susan said...

Japan has sooo many yummy treats! Royce chocolates cost $5+ last summer and now it's a dollar more. In the Philippines it is about $12!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Jalna!

Chet Colson said...

Lawson was one of my favorite convenience stores, besides Family Mart and 7-11. Desserts so yum.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Chet Colson said...

You're right Jalna, there's 2 Lawson's in Waikiki. On Kuhio and Kaulakaua.

jalna said...

I know, Aunty. And there's always something I end up wishing I had bought more of.

Happy Thanksgiving, Grayce!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Susan.

Oooooh, da desserts, Chet!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Kay said...

That Nama chocolate is AMAZING! Our friend brought some back for us and we couldn't believe how smooth it was. I bought a Revlon eye liner pen and it really doesn't work well. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

J: I'm so glad you liked that bread. The bestest flavored bread I've tried. You know I miss the Haleiwa (??) Bakeshop's cinnamon bread, he later changed the name to Bethlehem Bake Shop. Initially he expanded to selling only at Longs but he said he couldn't control the quality so he stopped selling it to them. Then a few years later he shut down, this was in the 80s. I loved all the omiyage you got me...was ono! Doomo ~ ~ N

K and S said...

nice omiyage stash!

jalna said...

Ahhhh, the quest for the perfect eyeliner yah, Kay. LOL!

N, the bread was da-bomb-diggity good!! All in the fam got to enjoy!

Kat, Landon went online and looked up "omiyage from Japan" and gave me a list of things to look for. So some of these that I got to try were his suggestions.