Tuesday, October 4, 2016



If you don't know why, check the following:

The Bane of My Existence


Ice Machine Update


jenny said...

Haha!! Wait Wendell not gonna try to fix em again?

Honolulu Aunty said...

Congratulations!!! I checked out your old posts about it, cracked up, and more worse, I can sympathize with you because we used to have ice machines at home too - SO noisy, uses so much water, and honestly, it is cheaper to buy big bags of ice from Costco when needed.

Of course, Uncle was a refrigeration man so could fix it when needed, every single time, without fail. Sometimes we had TWO ice machines in our driveway making ice that we didn't need. He got rid of them (must have been my rolling eyeballs) to fishermen who would give us fish for awhile in appreciation. Score!!! No more ice machines and free fish!

I don't know what it is, but he really liked having a huge contraption of an eyesore humming (screaming) along and spitting out ice bits in the bin that was way too big, imo.

For your sake, I hope it stay broke and then gone! But then, you gotta go church - once, lol.

Anonymous said...

j: dang. I didn't know you had such a nemesis. When I started the vid on the machine, when it started my bird flew off my arm startled at the large noise, cuz dammnnnn, it's loud. Then I giggled when it made the loud metal thud when the ice hit the bin. I thought your ice machine was the small table top type not the commercial kind! Though at all the hotels I worked at none of them were that loud even when they were out on lanais outside of guestrooms. Guess you had a 'special' one. Then I wondered how did Wendall get it there, cuz dammnnnn it's huge and then the water lines...just the logistics of moving it boggles my mind. And how much ice did he need?? How many coolers did he need to fill. Plus it's now hard to get rid of, due to the refrigerants, can't go into the landfill...I've got two broken portable a/cs that I can't get rid of. Hoping he doesn't replace it....and if he does talk him into the small tabletop type. You poor thing -N

K and S said...

he he :)

kawika said...

Does he intend to have it fixed? LOL

jalna said...

Doesn't look like it Jenny.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you totally can relate yah, Aunty.

N, So funny about your bird getting startled. And yes, I agree . . . the logistics . . . amazing what can be done.

Yessssss, yah, Kat.

Kawika, he said he's gonna have it looked at, and is already looking for a replacement. But, I get some piece and quiet until then. Yeeeehawwwww!!!

Mark Shelby said...

What happened Jalna? Did the ice machine finally die? ; )

Leslie's pics said...

OOOHHH NOOO!!! Bwahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

jalna said...

Yes suh, Mark!

Les, too bad, yah!! 😜

Susan said...

super HAPPY for you! for now, hubbys figure other ways to irritate their wives, unintentionally

jalna said...

You always crack me up, Susan!