Friday, November 25, 2016

Japan - Day 7 - Morioka Tezukuri Mura (Handiworks Square)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016   Morioka

After lunch we headed to the Morioka Tezukuri Mura. On the way I noticed these "Christmas trees" on the mountain, and I liked the contrasting shadows so I put my camera on its black and white setting and took some shots.  

This one turned out to be my favorite. 

The Morioka Handiworks Square featured "workshops where you can see, touch and create various craftworks and foods of Morioka. Woodwork, pottery, metalwork, ironwork and tie-dye workshops are set up where you can observe experienced craftsmen at work." 






Other than the above workmen, there were no other craftspeople to observe. There really was not much activity going on. It seemed like most of the workshops were already closed  for the day. Too bad because I was looking forward to seeing the tie-dye workshop.

As promised though, we did get to experience senbei making. 


Sweetie and I shared a mochi (we were still full from lunch).



After we were done, we headed to our hotel, Hotel Metropolitan Morioka. This is the lobby.

Dinner was on our own so Reiko gave us this map with restaurant suggestions.

Sweetie and I both had a tempura don from a nearby restaurant.  I had trouble taking photos in the low light of the restaurant, but I didn't realize then just how crappy my pictures came out. You can't tell, but the tendon was good. 


It came with a tasty soup.

We did a little shopping after dinner. These Cold Stone pops caught my eye. 


Honolulu Aunty said...

I would have loved to see the tie-dye workshops too, through your camera lens. Ah well, another time maybe?

jalna said...

Yes Aunty . . . maybe another time.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Did you try the pops? They look good but kinda pricey.

jalna said...

No we didn't, Mich.

K and S said...

bummer you weren't able to see more activity/demos at the craft place.

Leslie's pics said...

Senbei making? coool!! those pops were pretty!

jalna said...

For real yah, Kat.

Les, was hard-like-rock, broke-your-teeth senbei. LOL!! After I took the picture of the pops, we wondered if they were real or fake just for display pops cause was so pretty.

Susan said...

Yeah, hard like rock senbei not my favorite. Love the crunchy, easy to bite ones. I'd like to know how they make those!

Kay said...

I've never seen pops like those. They look delicious! This looks like a very different tour from the one we took to Japan.