Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Softball Uniforms

Wendell coached baseball for many, many years . . . maybe for over 30 years . . . from way before Landon was even born.  Of course when Landon started playing, Wendell was his coach.  I was the coach's wife . . . MAJOR UGH!!    We made a lot of friends and spent buku time with them at the baseball field.  It was fun . . . but boy was I HAPPY when it was all over.

So now, Wendell and Landon both play softball.  And the coolest, coolest thing is that some of their teammates are from Little League time.  Wendell and some of the kids that he coached are teammates!!  So neat yeah!   But the very best thing is that Wendell spends so much time at the park, that I get to spend my time doing what I love to do  . . . take pictures!  Works out great!

I wanted to show you Wendell and Landon's uniforms.  I'm not exactly Ms. Stylish, but I think they are soooo gawdy. 




This one is not so bad, but wait . . .  this is Galaxy's old uniform . . .

Check out the new version . . .

that comes with matching pants!!!  The team is good though, so they probably can wear whatever they like.


Erick said...

Very nice, I really like the uniforms!

K and S said...


Leslie's pics said...

Where's the Hawaiian flag looking one????? hahahahaa!!!

jalna said...

Ahahaha Erick, you do? You so gawdy!

Thanks Kat.

HAHAHA. Les, it's on the back of the first shirt. But got our last name in BIG letters above the flag so I didn't want to put it in.

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, these are a little crazy looking. I don't like baseball/softball and don't watch I have no idea what they are suppose to look like. hahahaha!!

OkiHwn said...

No like use, bumby get dirty!

jalna said...

Betty I suspect they're using computers to create the designs so they can make um all fancy like dat!

Hahahaha, Nate, when Landon was playing baseball, Wendell used to wash the uniforms 'cause I didn't wash them good enough. That was perfectly fine with me!

Mariko said...

The pants take the cake.
The first one says "family stones."
Hee hee.

jalna said...

Funny yah, Mariko!