Friday, May 6, 2011

Face Memory Test

Didi sent me this:

Face Memory Test

Here's how I did:

Recognition Score (If you saw it)
Average score:  92%
My score:  90%

Temporal Memory Score (When you saw it)
Average score:  68%
My score:  80%


Leslie's pics said...

K this is weird. Here's my score:
recognition: 100%
temporal: 87%
pt 1: 1/12 wrong
pt 2: 2/12 wrong
neither section: 6/24 wrong...

So why can't I remember what my patients look like 5 minutes after they leave the office???!!!

K and S said...

average score 92%
my score 95%

temporal: average score 68%
my score:78%


Unknown said...

Cool Test ;( Did worst then U... But still able to survive ! ! !

jalna said...

Les, you did goooood!! I thought for sure I would get 100% too, but nooooo.

Hey Kat, you did good too.

Patient Consult, I tried the test a second time and I did horribly. I kept getting confused on which part the face was in, first or second.

Betty Townsend said...

Recognition: 91%
Temporal: 77%

You all did well.

jalna said...

You know what's funny Betty. Nowadays, there are soooo many people that I meet who look familiar to me, but I cannot figure out why.

Erick said...

i got95 and 78. did i pass?

jalna said...

Ho Erick, you did good!

Yosh808 said...

Recognition: 95%
Temporal: 82%
Pt 1: 0/12 wrong
pt 2: 5/12 wrong
neither secion: 0/24 wrong

jalna said...

Wow Yosh . . . interesting.