Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweetie's Kinpira Gobo and Hasu

Sweetie makes the best kinpira. Here are her recipes.


Hasu: this recipe is from the grandmother of Charles classmate - she did not have a recipe so I made her sit down and tell me exactly what she does

3 pc hasu - slice and soak in H20 1hr (but I soaked it over night and I used the plastic ginger grater that has the metal vege slicer in the middle - makes nice thin, even slices)

2 T dried shrimp
2 T vege oil
2-3 T white cane sugar (depending on taste) and not brown sugar, otherwise hasu gets too soft
1/4 - 1/3 c shoyu (depending on taste)

add shrimp to sizzling hot oil
add hasu and stir fry
add white cane sugar, stir fry and let sugar soak in 3-5 min
add shoyu - to taste
add Hondashi if you want
add chili pepper flakes - I added 1 t.
fast, easy


The kinpira gobo recipe is from mother:

2 chicken thighs - diced
2 T dried shrimp
1/4 lb beef - diced

2 T oil
3 stalks gobo
1/4 c shoyu
5 T brown sugar
2 T sake or mirin

Stir fry meat in sizzling hot oil 1 min
add gobo cook 3 min
add seasoning, mix thoroughly and cook until done
add chili paste if desired


K and S said...

the kind of recipes that aren't written down are the ono-est!

Betty Townsend said...

This looks good.

jalna said...

Kat, I'm so glad that the grandma was willing to share her recipe. It's too hard for me to make, but at least I can enjoy Sweetie's.

Betty, I just love the hasu. It's really crunchy.

Erick said...

Looks so ono!

Les said...

oooh that looks soo good. too bad get shrimp in um :(

jalna said...

Erick, I'm so lucky 'cause I scored the leftovers.

I know, you so poor ting.