Friday, January 7, 2011

Ben and Erin/Viva Las Vegas

Two weeks before their wedding in Mexico, my favorite, favorite photographers Ben Chrisman and Erin Reed were joined by family and a few friends for a ceremony in Las Vegas.

My good friend Ben (tee hee) sent this update:

hey all, here is vlad's video from our small wedding in vegas, just a couple weeks before mexico:

Ben and Erin/Viva Las Vegas from Vladimir Chaloupka on Vimeo.


Betty Townsend said...

Super Cool!!

jalna said...

I agree Betty!

Les said...

How awesome is that...I would've KILLED to be part of that wedding. Not only you're in the presence of greatness but looks like they actually had a good time!! I still wanna see their pics. Go be the good stalker that you are and find me their awesome wedding photos!

p.s. He's so freakin young it just kills me!!

jalna said...

Tell me about it, Les!

gracie said...

wedding videos always break me down to tears!! this one especially. tears mixed in with giggles from the obvious excitement they feel. really cool and thanks for sharing!

hope you had a great xmas and new years. i know you guys ate good for sure!!

i thought you stopped posting but realized that i just needed to tweak my rss feed. yay!! i always look forward to your posts!

Ben Chrisman said...

hey ladies,

thanks for looking at our video! vlad's the best. we're so lucky he was there for vegas and mexico. i've known vlad for almost half my life now, so that makes him being there with us that more special.


jalna said...

Isn't this a great video . . . so much emotion! I'm glad we reconnected!

Hoo hoo Ben, thanks for the update! Vlad did awesome as usual.