Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Fat Greek

Coworker Stoja gave me a gift certificate to The Fat Greek, so me and Wendell went to check them out this past Sunday. It's located on the bottom of St. Louis Drive at the start of Kaimuki. It's a good thing I went with Wendell 'cause parking there is horrendous. The stalls are all tight and squished together. I woulda surely come home with a dent or two. I saw some people coming from across the street, so maybe they have additional parking there, although it looks like it's part of City Mill's parking lot to me.

The food was good. Thanks Stoja! I wanna go back again. But it'll probably be awhile. I decided I'm dieting . . . AGAIN. Wanna lose 20 pounds. Okay, maybe 10.




They gave us this, but we didn't have to wait long at all.



This is Wendell's Gyros ($8).

My Chicken Souvlaki ($10).

Here's what it looked like on the inside.IMG_0070

Garlic Greek Fries ($4.50).

Kalamari ($6.00).


Betty Townsend said...

Looks good...kinda pricey...

K and S said...

yummy! I wondered about this place!

jalna said...

Was ono, Betty.

I'd been curious too, Kat.

Erick said...

I love gyros! Looks so good.

jalna said...

I tasted Wendell's gyros, Erick. It was ono.

Dd said...

I love this place, they have a location at Makai Market in Ala Moana.

jalna said...

Whaaaat? Makai Market?

mmiissee said...

Wow...the Garlic fries and Calamari rings looks ONO hehehe
Was it good?

jalna said...

The garlic fries were okay. Maybe the garlicy stuff could've been spread around more. The calamari was really good. I liked the sauce . . . kinda spicey.

Les said...

I always wanted to try over there...I hate the parking lot too. You should try Sabrina's also, it's right in back of the Fat Greek. Really yummy Italian food, gotta wait long time after you order but it's worth it. Oh yah, bring cash cause they don't take credit cards :|

jalna said...

I saw Sabrina's. Hmm . . . so it's good hah?