Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

This is what we did today . . . took Kona to the vet for his yearly checkup. It was a good day to go . . . it was empty.

Poor Kona got three shots.
Kona's vet is in Kaneohe, so afterwards we went over to Heeia Kea Pier for some lunch. I thought this sign was funny. One of the things you're not allowed to do there is sleep!
This is the Deli where we got our lunch. . . although the window where you used to be able to order your food is all boarded up now and you have to go into the adjacent store to order. They have a very limited menu, but the brisket that Wendell ordered was really good. . . maybe the best I've ever tasted . . . and babooze me nevah take one pikcha.
After we ate, we kinda walked around the pier.
I was really surprised that they had a well-maintained, clean restroom on the pier.
On the way home we stopped off at Deluxe Pastry Shop in Kaneohe.
They have good custard pie.
But this is my favorite . . . snails. They have DA BEST snails. They also have good tea cakes, but the girl said they make them only on Fridays.
Here's the snail . . . so light and buttery and sweet and glazy!


K and S said...

miss this type of bakery, the pastries are usually really cheap and ono!

Betty Townsend said...

These photos are awesome!! What a glorious day it was there at home. Beautiful blue skies. We had our usual cloudy, dreary day with the sun coming out between the clouds. We've gone out to that pier whenever we've been home. Oh my goodness, we always stop at that bakery. The custard pies are so ono. Can't find custard pie here in California.

Erick said...

Looks like you folks had a great day! Super Bowl Sunday is a good day to do stuff because everyone is watching the game. All I did today was drink beer, eat pupus, drink beer, yell at the TV and drink beer. Nice photos!

Randism said...

mmmm. looks so ono but i'm soooo lazy; i hardly ever drive to kaneohe or kailua!

Dd said...

Whaaaattt...u neva watch the game !! Yeah Saints !!

jalna said...

Kat, did you notice the screen doors? So cute.

It was a beautiful day, Betty. I never really appreciated it until reading your comment. No custard pies in California? Bummahs!

Erick, sounds like you had a good day too.

Rand, usually I'm too lazy too.

Didi, we did watch some of the game when we came home.