Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Box From Japan Arrived Today!!

My prize from Kat's contest arrived!! Hooo hoooo!!! Look at all the goodies . . . each carefully labeled by Kat explaining what they were! So unreal! Thanks Kat!

We got to try out a few of the goodies today. This one was so different. It was like caramel candy, but it was actually gum. It tasted so much like candy that I had to resist the urge to swallow. CQ totally gave in and just swallowed her piece . . . sooooo funny!!
This was instant Matcha Latte tea. You could drink it either hot or cold.
There were two of these in the pack.
It had a very flavorful creamy nori taste!
This candy had four flavors of creamy parfait . . .
inside of chocolate!!
This was Natalie's favorite.
It's a herb and garlic cracker . . . kinda tasted like Chicken in a Biskit.
I looooved this one.
I thought it was soooo cute, how each piece was individually wrapped.
Wouldja believe I cut each tiny piece into tinier pieces so that we could share. Leslie couldn't wait and ate a piece before I could take this picture.
This is the last candy we tried today . . . orange M &M's!!!
I really liked the citrusy taste.
Hopefully we'll get to try more of the goodies tomorrow!


K and S said...

so glad it arrived safely! enjoy!

Erick said...

That is so cool! The Japanese have a different taste orientation. Sometimes I wonder who comes up with the flavors.

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, fantastic! You made out good!! hahahaha!!

jalna said...

Thanks so much Kat!

Erick, I think the different flavors are so neat.

Score yah, Betty!!

Leslie's pics said...

Sooo cute the goodies! Next time shove me out of the way if you see me trying to cockaroach your candy!! hahhaaaa!

jalna said...

Okay Les, but remember you gave me permission.