Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Day with My Mom

I spent most of the day with my mom today. She likes Cinnamons in Kailua so we had breakfast there.

My mom has a photographic memory when it comes to the prices of things, so even though I forgot to jot down the cost of each food item, I just had to ask her. Her cocoa was $1.80.

Her bacon, eggs and potatoes were $8.99. She said that everything was perfectly made.
We shared this carrot pancake which is really what she was craving ($5.99).
This is my half order of Eggs Benedict ($8.99).
Michelle was the best waitress ever. She was very pleasant, attentive and so efficient.
After breakfast my mom wanted to go visit my Aunty Sally's gravesite at Hawaiian Memorial Park.
Since we were in the area, I wanted to check out Haiku Gardens. Does this look like Haiku Gardens to you? Noooooooo it doesn't . . . that's because I got lost. So, because I got lost, we ended up at Byodo-In Temple instead.


Randism said...

mmmmm! the food looks so ono; another place i gatta check out ;-)

Les said...

wow! what a nice day to take pictures! They came out really nice! So did you actually pay the entrance fee or did you tell a little white lie and say you're going to the graveyard?? :)

OkiHwn said...

I once took my camera to the bai sun ceremony that was held every year for my maternal grandfather and grandmother. I got the scoldings of my life from my mother who said you're not supposed to do that. That was it for me - no cameras at the cemetary. That was at least 40 years ago.

Betty Townsend said...

How special to spend a day with your mom!! That sure was a lot of bacon with her eggs and potatoes! It all looks so good! I love the shots of the temple and the grounds. It is a beautiful place. I have a webshots photo of just the temple on my computer. Every once in awhile it pops up as my wallpaper.

jalna said...

Rand, the two times I went there it was crowded. The wait was at least 15 minutes, so go when you're not too starving.

Les, they got smart . . . the booth is now right at the entrance to the temple.

Wow Nate, if my mom knew you shouldn't take pictures, I probably would've got scoldings too.

Betty, my mom looooves bacon, but was hesitant to order them. I told her it's okay for this time so she did.

Erick said...

Eggs Benedict another of my favorite foods, that looks so ONO! I need to try that place out. Very nice shots of the temple too!

Unknown said...

Y' much times as i've already been there, youre pics makes it more beautiful then i remember...makes me wanna go again.

jalna said...

Thanks CQ!