Thursday, February 11, 2010

Continuation of My Prize Package

Today we got to check out the rest of the goodies I got from Kat.

This is the Chocolate Churros.
I was expecting it to be light and crispy like churros, but it was more doughy like brownies . . . really good.
CQ fell in love with this Cratz Pretzel.
She said it smelled and tasted like vienna sausage!! I really liked it too.
This Caramel Nut Choco Pie was kinda like our marshmallow pie . . .
but with caramel flavoring and no marshmallows. Yummy!
This is Chocolate Biscuit.
Tiny biscuits with a chocolate filling!
Crunky Popjoy
It was kinda like a Rice Crispy chocolate candy.

Cuby Rop Hard Candy
They were individually wrapped with two candies in each.
Each color had a distinct flavor.
This was yogurt marshmallow.
It was veeeeery intersting . . . not as puffy as a regular marshmallow and a bit tangy!
Baby Star Ramen
This one was familiar to a few people at my office. It's a really nice snack.
Puccho taffy
It had a yogurt flavor outside and soft fruity inside . . . kinda hard chewy.
Kat also sent this furoshiki towel.
It had this adorable litle owl design.
Instant green tea.
Not sure if I did this right. This tea bag was different from what I'm used to. It's bigger and doesn't have the string. I really liked it. I made two cups from this one bag.
Kat, a whole bunch of us want to say, "THANK YOU!!!" It was such a treat discovering these new flavors all the way from Japan. There's still just a little bit of the goodies left at work. I've left them in a container on our table in the lunchroom for those who haven't tried them yet. Your generosity has gone a long way. Thanks again!


K and S said...

glad you guys enjoyed them :)

jalna said...

Kat,was winnahs!

Betty Townsend said...

These are all so interesting! Glad you all enjoyed the treats.

jalna said...

Betty, we sooo enjoyed them!