Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shopping in Kapahulu Safeway

It was my first time shopping in the Kapahulu Safeway, so of course I wanted to take some pictures. I felt self conscious after taking this first shot though 'cause who in their right mind takes pictures in a supermarket anyway? So the rest of these photos I shot from the hip, meaning I didn't look through the viewfinder. I just aimed in the direction and pressed the shutter. It was kinda fun.

This mug reminded me of Leslie . . . she likes cows.
I looooved the red of these potato peelers.
Scent sticks . . . neat hah?
Zebra bowls
I thought these basters were so funny looking. Too bad the picture came out blurry.
More animal dishware.
There's always one in the bunch that has to be different.
Here's the main man.
Albino asparagus!!!
Now we're at my favorite place . . . the bakery!
I didn't buy any pastry. I did buy the sweetest, crunchiest, best green grapes in the history of mankind though .


Les said...

you? self-conscious? Since when? Cute the cow cup! ;) hee hee hee!!

Erick said...

Cute, you went super market. What for? Great shots!

Betty Townsend said...

These are some cool shots. Safeway does an excellent job in displaying their merchandise. If only their prices weren't so high.

jalna said...

Hahaha, Les, sometimes I get shame.

Erick, to keep Wendell company.

Betty, I loved the spacious aisles at the Kapahulu branch.

susie said...

Neat shots. I see you took Wendall with you, or did he take you with him, as you JUST LOVE to cook.

jalna said...

Susie, you know me so well . . . I tagged along with Wendell.

mmiissee said...

I'm surprised how well the pictures came out since you mentioned you took them from your hip!
Great shots, Jalna = )

Funnyface said...

Hello Jalna,
I found your blog by 'googling' Sock Monsters - I have jus discovered these wonderful creatures and i am going to attempt making one this weekend - i am so excited ...he hee!
I love your blog and your photo's are fab. I have added myself as one of your followers.
I live in Cornwall, which is in the South West of England. UK
Big Luv,
Jaynee X

jalna said...

Thanks mmiissee. I owe it all to the awesome autofocus of my camera.

Jaynee, good luck with your sock monster. I haven't made any lately, but they sure are fun to make. I think they're sooooo cute. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

SW said...

Wow..they sure have cools stuffs at a supermarket.. nice shots from hip..didn't you feel like a spy? :-)

jalna said...

Hahahaha, I so felt like a spy!

RONW said...

they still haven't sold that cow expresso, yet? Btw, Kapahulu Safeway is suppose to be their largest store in the nation, I guess, square footage wise.

jalna said...

Ron, so that's what that cow thing was. Largest in the nation? Wow!! It IS huge and spacious . . . I loved it.

i-Observer said...

These are great shots! I would have never thought that these were taken at a Safeway! I'm sure someone will have a laugh when they review the store security cameras and see you shooting from the hip!!! Keep them coming!!!

jalna said...

i-Observer, hahahaha, I DO want to go back 'cause coworker CQ told me about a peanut butter maker that makes peanut butter from nuts that you select and she said they have a honey dispenser too.

Unknown said...


Here's a shot I took in Safeway Kapahulu when I happened to go shopping there couple months ago and the electricty shut off! That was an interesting walk through Safeway in the dark!

jalna said...

Wow, that's a totally different "view"!