Friday, March 17, 2017

Swap Meet Buys

No forget to check out Leslie's AFRICA posts.  You can find her blog on my Blog List in the right sidebar or just click here.  

But first, here are my EXCITING swap meet buys from this past weekend.  BTW, due to the closing of the Kam Swap Meet the one at the Aloha Stadium was busier than usual with more sellers and more buyers. 

These chili peppers were $2.00.

50 cents each for these, and good thing was cheap 'cause the hair catcher thing was too big for the sink that I bought it for. And I don't know where I put the Hello Kitty bag . . . can't find it. 

These DVDs were only 25 cents each!!! Can't go wrong yah! And the ones that end up being not-keepers, I'll give to Carolyn at work. She likes getting them.

This was only 50 cents, and I hate to admit this to you but . . . I can't find it either. Must be with the Hello Kitty bag.

These are my "Randy buys".  $1.00 each.  Randy is disabled and you'll always see him at the swap meet selling trinkets.

These were 2/$5.00.

This is Kona's favorite treat. It's $7.00. The seller also has beef, pork, and chicken jerky. Oh, and dried sweet potato too. Only thing, Kona totally spit out the sweet potato when I gave it to him once. Was so funny.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I got the exact same plate in my cupboard. Not sure where it came from, probably some favor from some party.

I haven't been to a swap meet in over 30 years! Whenever I drive past the stadium, I would think I should go. Last time was to look for a folding umbrella stoller when my now almost 34 YO was a baby. Didn't have those fancy kine like now, had to buy da kine from China. Like lots of rolly things from China, I too tall to pull/push comfortably. Had to bend over little and then got sore back.


Chet Colson said...

Good deals.Funny,dog jerky. I did check out Leslie's Africa blog,interesting. I went to the Middle East;Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,grueling flight,was jet lagged for almost a week.

Honolulu Aunty said...

The Kam Swap Meet is closed? Bummers. I wanted to go and get their Filipino food again.

Sweet Randy! Glad you still see him and support his business.

That 50¢ bowl you bought is totally like one that I had that dropped and cracked last year. Got it at some retirement party for a relative.

How long will the Kam Swap Meet be closed? Not forever, I hope.

Susan said...

The blue plate is so pretty! Like your picks of DVDs and how you support Randy! Today was my Flea Market day but I woke up to rain! I guess it's stay home and just clean day!

Kay said...

The capris were 2 for $5? Yikes! That is amazing!!! Did it fit? You get the BEST most AWESOME deals. OK... that does it! I'm going to tell Art we should go to. I've worn Randy's necklace to a party and it was great.

jalna said...

V, I found the plate! Yay! I've been a steady swap meet shopper for I think over 30 years now. At one point when I was really into it, I would go to Kam on Saturday and Aloha Stadium on Sunday. So nuts.

Chet, I don't think I could handle being on the plane for that long. Sometimes just on the flight to Japan, I feel so claustrophobic.

Aunty, they've closed for good. I heard it was packed on their last day.

Susan, unfortunately, sometimes you just gotta stay home and clean.

Kay, the capris fit perfectly. Surprised me. I'm not a good clothes shopper and I usually ignore clothes at the swap meet, but my sister handed them to me and said she thought that they were just my size. And wouldn't you know it . . . she was right!

Mark Shelby said...

Sweet! I see one red pepper trying to escape! Hurry! ; )

K and S said...

I heard they are planning to build a huge condo on the kam drive in land... gonna make traffic more krazy!

Leslie's pics said...

Thanks Jalna! I'm gonna post something soon, I promise! Sad the swap meet closed down yah?

jalna said...

LOL, Mark!

Kat, Some of the gossip I've been hearing at the swap meet is the Servco took over a portion.

Looking forward, Les!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to the swap meet in years! Looking at your purchases, especially the Hello Kitty bag, makes me want to go back one day soon. Glad I'm not the only one who can't find things I buy, or I buy things and don't remember I bought it until I buy another one. Now, I have to return one. Hope you find your missing purchases!