Thursday, March 23, 2017

Amazon is Da Bomb

A chair that I had ordered for Landon from Amazon came yesterday. Landon came home from work at around 4:00 pm and when he checked it out saw that the chair had a defective joint piece on one side. 

We boxed up the chair, and I went online and did a Return Request on the Amazon site. Amazon provided me with a free shipping label. We dropped off the box at a nearby UPS branch at 6:20 pm.

At 7:24 pm I received a Refund Confirmation email. Very easy, very efficient, and very amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 7.24.10 PM copy


Lorna Nishimitsu said...

Doesn't it make you nuts when something you order comes, and then it doesn't have all the parts (which you don't usually discover until you've put together whatever you could from the pieces that are available)? Makes me crazy, because although Amazon pays for returns, there's still the urusai part of getting it reboxed to return!

jalna said...

Plus Lorna, I ordered other things along with the chair, so the box that everything came in was HAYUGE. I had to cut down the box and reconstruct it to fit just the chair. It came out awesome, BTW . . . LOL!

Chet Colson said...

I think eventually we'll see the demise of the brick and mortar stores. I personally have not tried shopping online except once for specialty glasses. My fear was always not getting the product desired and most of all the return policy. A few years ago work, I overheard a co-worker on the phone arguing with a Amazon representative about returning a product; I thought thank god I don't shop online. But from your experience I see Amazon has come a long ways though not perfect, that's great. Imagine, they're already starting using drones to deliver. I listened to a pod cast, in the future, we can take a image on our phone or computer of ourselves, the retailer makes a hologram images to get the size and eventually you can order your clothes. Yep, the big brick and mortar stores are on a downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

I order from amazon for personal things, as well as for work. Whenever there's a problem (usually a small one), they always works with me to make things right. A couple of times they told me to keep the item and they would send me another one. Their customer service is AWESOME!

Honolulu Aunty said...

I love Amazon! Though, I feel a bit bad about store retailers because of the free shipping we get with Amazon and discount prices.

I was "just looking" at mini chandeliers for my bedroom and walked into that lighting shop on Waialae Avenue across from City Mill. Beauuuuutiful stuff, very nice girl helped me find a mini crystal chandelier in their catalog. Guess how much.... 2 thousand dollars, yikes!!!! It was Swarovski crystal and from Europe. Ah well, no way I was going to spend that much money, but it started an itch, if you know what I mean.

So, I go online to Amazon, find a smaller one that is glass and crystal and just the right size (smaller than the lighting store), with less frou frou, and perfect perfect perfect. Guess how much ..... $84 with free shipping!

I installed it (took me 2 days because you cannot install lights when it is night time, lol. It is SO fine looking, and I saved $1916!

Amazon IS da bomb - for customers. I still feel bad for the lighting shop though.

Anonymous said...

j: ats why I love Amazon, they give advance refunds. My year will be up w/ Prime and I'm deciding whether I should re-up with them cuz I ain't buying a lot online. I bought a lot of mom's things like a wheelchair which is sooooo much cheaper from them. Esp. my style when I want something, I want it now, i.e. go and get it that moment, and it's only for stuff I can wait like printer ink. I know, I'm the queen of off topic, but today I went to Gen Korean BBQ at Ala Moana. Hoo da ppl waiting and lots of 'em got groups of 10+. I think the wait is long, I read one hour and it's so crazy busy cuz they bring the food/refills and it takes time. I was half way thru before I finally got my bowl of rice and I had to ask 3x! And it was such a small metal bowl. Half a bowl of regular chawan size. ggrrrrr. But then I ended up with 2 bowls so it was okay.
I was by myself so I nevah had to wait and sat at the bar where they have grill. I think I ate almost l lb. of ono meat - I am a major carnivore after all. I read which flavors to order from Yelp and they were right on. It wasn't fab and they only give like a few ounces of dipping sauce. I dip meat 3x and all gone and they only have in sets of 3. I never like the salt and da other one. Wish they would give me a tempura sauce bowl of it. Anyway for $20.98 with a soda, dang good all you can eat lunch. Don't think I'll be back though. I not into banchan and the other Korean foods like mochi. Lunch is only 28 selections, but I have seafood allergies so I no care. But like I said that place is jammin'. -N

Mark Shelby said...

I recently bought a Remington electric pole saw/chain saw. It was $78 free shipping no tax.

When it came it had a packing slip from Home In less than two weeks the saw stopped working. The packing slip said to take the item back to for a refund or warranty problems. So I thought I had bought it from HD.

When I took the saw to my local HD they gave me a credit for the return, but the credit went to a different credit card number. The credit can only go back to the original credit card. I called HD and they told me that the credit must have gone to the eBay SELLER that I bought the saw from! UGH! I thought I bought it from!

Now I have a credit card dispute with my Wells Fargo Visa card people to get my $78 return credit. They are helping me and say they will fix it. But wow what a total pain!

I don't understand how this ebay seller could buy this saw from Home Depot and ship it to my house for free for $78 bucks, especially since the saw sells on the HD website for $89 bucks! Something seems like fraud here.

Here is the saw at HD but I bought it from an ebay seller. But it came direct from HD with an HD packing slip. So I thought I bought it from HD. Very very strange! Arrrrggggg!

Kay said...

I've never had to return something yet, but it sure is nice to know it's that easy.

K and S said...

efficient! nice:)

Leslie's pics said...

gotta love amazon!

Lorna Nishimitsu said...

You are . . . too modest! Ha!

jalna said...

Chet, I do believe you're right. Imagine . . . Sears, even. I'm very old school . . . don't even own a debit card. But I do order from Amazon a lot.

Anon, wow that's awesome. Dunno if you read this blog post, but this is what happened to a friend:

Aunty, I feel bad too but just cannot help, yah. And you installed it yourself! I swear Aunty, you never cease to amaze me!

N, I totally love how you go off topic!!! I lose money on all-you-can-eat. I don't eat plenty at one time . . . I just eat little bit all . . . day . . . looooooong. I just renewed my Prime. I order lots of stuff.

Mark!! What a nightmare!

Kay, I've had to return a handful of things and it's always been really easy.

I like that too, Kat.

I do, Les. And you da one started me.

HAHAHAHAHA, Lorna! *blush*