Saturday, January 21, 2012

Iyasume Musubi & Bento Express

I noticed Iyasume Musubi & Bento Express when I went to pick up sandwiches from City Cafe the other day.  I decided to check it out after work yesterday. I only had my 100mm lens with me so this is the widest shot I could get of the outside.  I backed up all the way and was close to the street which was lined up with traffic, by the way . . . commuter eyes all on me while they waited for the light to change . . . so was small-kine shame.

I bought six musubi. These are the best photos I could get 'cause was dark by the time I got home.


This is the inside of the Tuna Mayo ($1.78) . . .  had kinda plenty mayo, but I liked it.  It's maybe almost twice as big as Mana Bu's but Mana Bu's taste is better.

Tuna with Bonito Flakes ($1.98)

Fried Chicken with Mayo ($1.98)

This is the menu that's posted on the wall.  Better pictures are on their website:  Bento Pictures   Musubi Pictures .  I'm thinking of going back there to pick up lunch for my workplace crew next week.  I'll update with photos if I do. 








Anonymous said...

J- i just went there this past week too. dont order the curry, lots of sauce, but very little meat. they give alot of rice, and the rice is very sticky and mushy. the garlic chicken is mochicko chicken with the garlic sauce on the side. disappointing. -d's mom

Anonymous said...

but we know you not shame =D


K and S said...

extensive menu! wow.

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, nice variety...just gotta get home...if nothing more than to eat some ono food!!

Leslie's pics said...

Jason went here and he said it was good. I forget which dishes he said were good though. I meant to try but never made it there yet

Mariko said...

I'm totally drooling. I've driven past that place.

Too bad I'm totally town'd out today. I would drive back otherwise.

Erick said...

I saw the musubi place on your way to City Cafe. Looks good, got to try that place out too. Thanks for trying these new restaurants.

jalna said...

Awwww, good to know D's mom. Thanks!

Funny Kevin. You know me well . . . but I was kinda shame. Makaloa was lined with cars waiting for the light.

Plenny stuff yah Kat!

Les, Keawe Grill is next to it and I never try there yet too.

Awww Mariko, maybe next time.

Oh so you did get to go to City Cafe Erick! Yay!