Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Teva Slipper Repair

My expensive $50 Teva slippers split open while I was at Royal Garden for Mother's Day lunch.  They have a one year warranty.  Guess when I bought them . . . April of last year.


While driving home Wendell said that he had some waterproof marine glue that I could use.  As soon as we got home I asked Wendell where the glue was.  He said, "Outside room."  "Outside room" is our garage which we had enclosed.  It's not huge, but we (the men in our house) have crap everywhere in it.  I can never find anything in the outside room.  So I say, "Wendell, can you get me the glue?"  He got the glue.

I applied the glue as best I could.  Then I said, "Wendell, do we have vice grips?"  He says, "Yes, we do."  Okay . . . yes we do.  I give you one guess where they are.  Yup, outside room.  So, do I say, "Wendell, can you get me the vice grips."? 

Forget it.  I used clothes pins and string instead.

I thought I did pretty good except some of the white glue seeped out.

I just used a DO NOT SHAKE black sharpie to cover it.  Good enough, hah?!


OkiHwn said...

What you been walking through to have the sole separate like that?

Dd said...

OMGOODNESS !!! Guess you cant wear those to a formal ;o}

Lulu said...

Ha! Now I don't feel so bad for using a magic marker to color in all da scuff marks on my daughter's school shoes.

jalna said...

I know Nate! I'm so rough on all my stuff, they get beat up so fast.

Didi, cannot?

Works good yah, Lulu.

Betty Townsend said...

Hahahaha!! That is funny, jalna...Well, you know what ever takes care of the problem is fine, right...You should be able to get another year's wear out of them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Talk about improvising! Damn those clothes pins made me crack up. :) Probably some crazy glue would have been faster, but I'm not sure if it would last as long. Thanks for the laugh Ross.

jalna said...

Hope the glue holds Betty! I'll probably take um out for a test run tomorrow.

Any time Ross!

jalna said...

It seems to be holding up okay now, Betty!

Any time, Ross!