Saturday, September 22, 2018

Eggs and Things

After my eye doctor appointment on Wednesday I asked Wendell if we could stop by at Nijiya Market which was nearby. After we parked, I noticed that there was no line outside of Eggs and Things which is very unusual. So we decided to take advantage of the paucity of people and go have a late breakfast/early lunch.

I had a Vegetarian Omelet with mushroom, zucchini, spinach and cheese ($12.00). It came with a choice of rice, potatoes or pancakes. I chose potatoes. It was 3-egg huge and ono, but not sure if I would choose this again. It was a bit runny with the juices from the cooked vegetables.

This is Wendell's Corned Beef Hash and Eggs ($10.00). There were bits of green onion in it, and Wendell said that it was good.

He chose buttermilk pancakes. Sooooo yummy!!

I was so full when we left, even though I took home more than half of my omelet. It musta been from the PANCAKE!  Anyway, we never did go to Nijiya. We just rolled ourselves into the truck and went home.


Susan said...

We have this restaurant here. I thought it was locally owned. : )

K and S said...

haven’t been to eggs and things in a while now...I think they have several shops in Japan

jalna said...

Susan, wow, you have one there?! I first went to Eggs and Things when I was in my early 20's!

Kat, I've seen pictures of ones in Japan with lines outside of them.

Mark Shelby said...

I always loved the ice cream scoop style butter! I just don't eat out anymore with these sky high prices. No fun eating out all alone anyway. And watching everyone else having fun and laughs.

Remember the old coffee shop at Lewers and Kalakaua? Started eating there in the late 1950's. When Waikiki would close down around 9pm. And mostly everything closed on Sunday's. Back in the good 'ole Hawaii days you had bettah get your shopping done before Sunday!

Stewerts Coffee Shop!

Rodney has a new thread up about the Wailana Coffee Shop closing down. Another favorite since I was a keiki!....Sad!

jalna said...

Mark, I don't remember Stewerts Coffee Shop. I'll go check out Mid Life Crisis site.

Erick said...

That food looks so good and massive. Did you folks eat it all?

jalna said...

Erick, Wendell ate all his. I took home more than half of mine.