Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Aunty Sally's Blanket

My mom's sister, Aunty Sally, loved to sew patchwork blankets.

My siblings and I were the lucky recipients of quite a few of them.

Aunty Sally would usually give them to my mom to pass on, and my mom always sealed them in ziplock bags before giving them to us.

One day years ago, Landon asked if he could take a blanket with him on an overnight fishing trip because it was expected to be a very chilly night.  He grabbed one that was still sealed up. 

It did turn out to be a cold evening, and unfortunately the blanket turned out to be not a blanket but placemats instead.  


Kalin's Mommy said...

Hahahaha, so funny! Was not expecting that ending!

Kay said...

Too funny! Jalna, I am so loving your illustrations. You are so very talented.

Mark Shelby said...

LOL! I remember covering myself with a beach mat when I got cold at the beach.

Anonymous said...

j: adorable story with a funny ending. Poor Landon, that is hilarious and the pix is just perfect!! -N

K and S said...

poor landon!

Susan said...

Hahaha! Cool drawings as usual.

Anonymous said...

Aww..poor ting Landon..must have been cold. But so cute the story. Love your pics.


jalna said...

LOL, Mich.

Thanks, Kay.

Mark, I think I did that too.

N, thank you!

Kat, now he makes sure to check.

Thanks Susan.

Izsmom, I know . . . poor ting . . . but funny.

Anonymous said...

Love your illustrated stories. Always brings a smile to my day. You should turn them into a book one day.

Annie! said...

Funny story!!! But poor "Lanoon"!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

So cute!

jalna said...

De, thank you!

LOL, Annie.

Thanks, Aunty.

Leslie's pics said...

HAHAHAHAAAAAAA!! poor ting!!

tofugirl said...

This made me laugh so hard I woke up my toddler. Worth it. You're a great storyteller and artist!

jalna said...

LOL, Tofugirl, reading your comment made ME laugh.