Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tamaruya Sawa Wasabi

I bought this tube of wasabi from J shop. At $4.35 it was a bit pricy, but turned out to be worth it to me. "Sawa" means field grown. It adds a sweet, spicy wasabi flavor to food without any nose stinging. I even put some on my wagyu the other night. 

With a history of 140 years, Tamaruya has its fields along the Abe River in Shizuoka City, the birthplace of wasabi, and in Fujinomiya City at the foot of Mount Fuji. You can find more info here

Naturally colored Sawa Wasabi

Wasabi cultivated in pure water. A product using only fresh wasabi with a straightforward piquancy and a touch of sweetness. With a texture close to real root wasabi it adds the perfect accent to great food.



Susan said...

I’m going to look out for this!

Leslie's pics said...

whaaaaa??? wasabi that doesn't burn your nose?? i need some of that!

K and S said...

there was a show recently and they showed wasabi grown in shizuoka. it wasn’t just spicy but also sweet too.

jalna said...

Susan, good luck!

Les, maybe if you eat a lot at once it will . . . go try.

Kat, I really liked it.

Erick said...

Cool, I going see if Amazon sells it.