Monday, April 23, 2018

Stuff I Bought

Here are the stuff that I bought at the swap meet this past weekend. Usually I can find some sort of art supply but not this time. It was a nice and cool morning. We walked over 5,000 steps.

I got pork, beef and fish jerky for Kona. They're $7 each. The guy said that he'll be at the Pet Expo on Mother's Day weekend.

These are for my mom who loves to do word search puzzles. They were $2 each.

I used to use choke of these blank CDs back in the day when I used to go on a lot of photo shoots. I don't do shoots anymore, but I got these for Leslie. I paid $2 for the spool.

This is the Chili Pepper Water guy. He's really nice and makes good chili pepper water. I bought peanuts from him this time . . . was ono.

I paid $1 for this cute triangle-shaped Taj musubi pouch.

I bought this Moana DVD for $5.

That's it. That's all I bought. More swap meet photos to come.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never been. Gotta go check it out. You find great stuff.


Chet Colson said...

Good ya, retired. Boy, swap meet get good deals. I just bought some deer jerky from my cousin who hunts on Molokai, it has the texture of potato chips, thin and crispy. By the way, I'm the same way with fish with tiny bones, just got to be careful.

Susan said...

I always like to see what you end up with at the swap meet!

Mark Shelby said...

I love swap meets, garage sales and thrift stores. But Jalna! You da bess Swap Meet Huntah Evah! ; )

Keep Going! ; )

Dd said...

wait .... I neva noticed chili pepper water guy uses all different kine bottles ... whoa...biig champagne bottle...

Dd said...

btw...the guy with the doggie treats ... he sells NFL stuff ?? I see some in the pickcha ??

jalna said...

Izsmom, it's fun. If you go, go early. It gets hot.

Chet, it's still kinda sinking in that I'm retired. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am. I never even heard of deer jerky! And thanks for telling me that you feel the same way about fish bones.

Awww Susan . . . happy to oblige.

LOL, thanks Mark.

Dd, not sure if chili pepper water guy actually sells in recycled bottles or just uses them to display. And I never really looked at the NFL stuff at doggie treat tent. Gotta check um out next time.

Leslie's pics said...

thank yoooou!!