Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tool Chest

This happened at the swap meet. While the guy on the left was trying to decide whether the tool chest was big enough for his needs, the guy on the right bought it.

Guess how much he paid.

Only $20! I texted this picture to Wendell and told him what had just happened and he texted me back and said to offer the new owner $30. Hahahaha.

Same thing happened to me a long time ago. I saw a 26-inch Tumi ($$$$$) suitcase at the Kam Swap Meet that looked in good shape. I rolled it around a bit and it rolled good. Only thing . . . we had just gotten there, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to lug the thing around with me. I turned to look at something else for a second and someone else grabbed the suitcase and bought it. For $15.


Leslie's pics said...

i can't believe you passed that up!! That's such a deal...the tool box too! holy crap!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Hahahahaha! The ones that got away. Just like fishing. Makes for good stories.

Anonymous said...

What a deal!


Susan said...

$20...that is unreal! Glad a fist fight didn't ensue afterwards.

Dd said...

the funny thing to me was.....was full of stuff too right ???

jalna said...

Les, I only hesitated for a little bit, and BAM, I missed the boat.

Aunty, for real, good story!

I agree, Kevin!

Susan, LOL.

Dd, yah, the owner had to unload still.

K and S said...

great deal!

Erick said...

$20! Those toolboxes are expensive.

Dd said...

Glenn said.....used ?? should've been like $100 !! whaatttt

jalna said...

Really yah, Kat.

Erick, bargain!

LOL, Dd.