Sunday, April 15, 2018

Drying Out

Tackling the closet today. It's taking me long because my breaks are longer than the time spent working. 

Everything that was touching the floor got wet. I had to trash all the boxes that were housing things.

My tool bag and everything in it got wet. I have my own tool bag because tools don't get put back where they belong in my house. Ahem.

Here's the bag hanging. 

Here's a new, never-been-used garbage disposal with instructions drying out. 

I'm airing out the bottom of this gyotaku. It seemed totally dry, but just in case. Dunno how it faired so well, but boy was I relieved after I inspected it for damage and found none. So lucky, yah. 

Have you seen photos of the damage done to other homes? OMG! I'm so grateful that ours was so minimal.

Okay den, 'nuff stalling. Back to work. 


Susan said...

A few months ago, our downstairs got everything wet flooded, from a drain hose that came off the toilet water tank. It was hard, want to cry, back breaking work! The blessing in disguise...all the nice, can keep carpets got steam cleaned...all the junk, yuck carpets got thrown out, along with all the other junk and we were left with a cleaner, almost junk free, downstairs : )!

Anonymous said...

j: so did your house avoid getting all the mud inside, was it water cuz your blinds looked pretty damaged. Did you have to scoot out mud? I saw that $1M house on the other side of the highway, OMG, mud everywhere plus in 'Nalo too. I feel bad for Nalo Farms considering they're trying to sell it. It poured us for last night, had so much rain the turtle pond which was drained to half prior got filled up again so a few feet of rain fell which makes Mr. Turtle happy. I so know about the resting more than working, me too. I work in like 15 min. bursts than rest 1/2. Mind says 'go go go' but body says 'no way in hell'. sigh. -N

Leslie's pics said...

holy moly. and that's only a handful of stuff. I can't imagine everything that got ruined. I saw video of kalanianaole and it was crazy! I can't believe Landon was fishing out in that mess!

K and S said...

bummer everything got wet

Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow! Glad you doing okay!

jalna said...

Susan, so sorry that you got flooded too. We're gonna have to replace the floor, and yes been trashing a lot of stuff . . . mostly from the closet. If I didn't even know it was in there, then I'm not gonna miss it.

N, OMG. I'm sooooo glad we didn't get mud . . . mostly water and grass. I'm so glad I don't have to go to work anymore. Well . . . maybe I wouldn't be taking my time so much if I knew I had to go work today.

Les, wasn't that video unreal!! Mich sent it to me.

Kat, I'm soooooo glad we didn't get mud!!

Thanks Mich.

gracie said...

oh, jalna. so sorry to hear about the flooding. the different vantage points i saw on social media were wild! i'm glad you guys are safe.

DNakamaru said...

Sorry to hear your house got water damage. Better water then mud.
At our house, water from the mountain was lapping at our sliding door but never made it in.
And the manhole cover was pushed off by all the water in the drain.

Let's hope it doesn't rain like that again!

Erick said...

Good thing you were spared major damage. With all that crazy rain it could have been worse.

jalna said...

I agree, Erick.