Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stuff I Didn't Buy

Here are some random things that I took pictures of at the swap meet.

Homemade banana bread ($4)

Vintage change dispenser ($45)

Vera Bradley 3-pouch set ($10)


Electric stainless steel huli huli spit ($700)

Lalaloopsy horse ($3)

Kitchen tools ($1)

Money leis

Cute little bean bags




4-foot tall anthurium plants ($25)

Abbey Road Beatles ($5)

Electric hula-skirted beverage holder ($100)


Honolulu Aunty said...

Whaaaaa? You didn't get the huli huli chicken thing for Wendell and the hula skirted beverage cooler? lol. Good control!

jalna said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! All kind stuff! Thanks about the tip about going early. I don't like the heat either. I wither very quickly! LOL

Dd said...

OMG...I totally forgot to text you guys....the very 1st customer that came in to our shop on Monday ..... (AT 7:00 AM) was wearing an Abbey Road T-Shirt !!! Holy Moly right.... he told me it was vintage....it was his dads... 1st time he wore it in like 18 years.... whooooooo ... I got chicken skin ....

Leslie's pics said...

whoa that's a lot of kitchen utensils!!!

Mark Shelby said...

In the Beatles pic. It brought up more memories.

I bought my first car in Hawaii in 1970. It was a 1969 VW Beetle like in the beattle crosswalk pic. I bought it from a very nice man in Kaneohe who was an elementary school teacher. He was asking $1,500 for the VW in the Star Bulletin classifieds. Remember when we had to look through those to find things to buy, especially cars?

My friend drove me over to check out the VW. I loved it. Baby blue and very low miles since it was just 1 year old. And not one door ding!

I pulled my cash out of my pocket (I was just 15 years old) and I asked the Teacher if he would accept $1,175 dollars. That's all I have I said. And that's years of hard work, mowing yards and paper route money. I told him I need a car to drive to McKinley High school and then to work at Wigwam Quality Furniture warehouse after school, so I don't have to bother my parents anymore for rides. Plus I can help them with errands.

He looked down at me like a Proud Father smiling and said, yes you can have the VW!

I was the proudest little teen punk Haole that day! I just paid Cash with my own money for my first car evah! Best car I ever owned! ; )

Chet Colson said...

So classic, the vintage change dispenser. I would haggle it down to $35, since there's surface rust on it.

Mark Shelby said...

Can anyone remember who had the change dispensers? Newspaper boys on the street corner? People selling food and programs at the Termite Stadium? I know there were many more places but I can't remember them all.

This would be a good Jalna topic all in itself! <~~~!! ; )

Plus your $.10 Cent Bus rides on the old Green smelly Buses! Remember those? ; )

Susan said...

Whoa, the kitchen tools! lol

jalna said...

Ho Anon, the heat will totally drain you.

Dd, so synchronous . . . always.

Les, can you imagine the seller bringing all that home?

Mark, very cool story. About the coin dispenser . . . I can only remember the bus drivers using them.

Chet, too bad about the rust yah.

Susan, I know!!!

gracie said...

Wow! Lotsa cool stuff there. I would totally raid the old cookbooks!

jalna said...

Gracie, that guy is always there.