Monday, April 9, 2018


YouTube artist Oto Kano does what she calls Sanshyoku watercolor artwork where she uses only three colors in her painting.  I think it's so pretty. You can check it out here

Here are my attempts on three different types of paper. I used QoR paints (Quinacridone Magenta, Cobalt Blue and Green Gold) and diluted them with water so that they were very light. Then I painted each color in four layers, letting each layer dry (sorta) before painting on the next.

This is Strathmore Vision watercolor paper. It's student-grade paper, not as expensive as professional grade, and works great for me.

This is Winsor and Newton paper that came in an acrylic paint set that I got at Ross. It's not meant for watercolor and did buckle a bit, but straightened out nicely after I put it under some weight. 

This is ProArt paper that I got at the swap meet. 

I also painted some tissue paper and Mod Podged it onto the first page of my Volume III art journal. I bought the cute girl from James Burke's Etsy store. I colored her with Copic markers. James is such a talented artist, and I've learned so much from his YouTube videos that I wanted to somehow repay him for his free tutorials, so I ordered a few things from his store. 

Since I had my camera out I decided to take a few pictures of stuff that are in my craft/hoarder room. Here's Gru watching over some Minions. 

Baymax from Big Hero 6, one of my favorite movies. Maneki neko is from Les.

These are my beloved Daniel Smith watercolor paints. They're the only Daniel Smith paints that I own. They're very expensive, and Honolulu Aunty gave them to me. Out of the blue one day she said that she had some paints for me, and she gave me these. !!!!!  And you know what she herself used in our watercolor class? Generic paints that she got from Ross. That's Aunty . . . and that's why I just love her to death.

Here's a totally useless glass plate that I got at the swap meet. Isn't it cool? I love to look at it and run my fingers across it.

It's made by Juris. Maybe it's this guy. Not sure. 

This is a vintage handmade swirl marble. My sister Geri gave it to me.

Here's a pinkish-colored quartz. It has a water bubble that moves around in a channel.

Here are my newest permanent markers. I already got a gazillion markers, but these are Prismacolor, and got assorted tips, and got sepia, and was good deal. So there.

Maybe I'll show you more stuff that's in my craft/hoarder room later.  


Honolulu Aunty said...

Aw, Jalna. You bring everyone joy, so we all want to give some back to you in whatever way we can.

Truly, your blog posts make my days start off with a smile.

I think I like acrylic painting better because mistakes can be fixed. But I am learning so much with watercolor.

Regarding my cheap Ross paints - you mean there is a difference? So if there is, I can blame the cheap paints and not my failed drawings and lack of experience? Moohaahaahaaa!

Anonymous said...

j: awww thank you for sharing your art and your treasures. I'm like you, I like these little things even if it has no value just cuz something in them speaks to me. Look forward to you sharing more w/ us. -N

Anonymous said...

Nice colors! I love your knick knacks!


Leslie's pics said...

i love your random drawing you have on your calendar :) That 3 color thing is pretty and boy that girl has a tiny neck! hehehe

K and S said...

cool stuff!

Annie said...

That crystal is so awesome! Where did you get it? Don't tell me swap meet??

jalna said...

Aunty, thank you so much for your generosity . . . always. And I love the emergence of your hidden talent for watercolor.

N, they so speak to us, yah!

Thanks, Izsmom.

Les, how I wish I had that skinny neck. LOL!! I love doodling on the calendar. I feel loose and not worried about messing up.

Thanks Kat.

Susan said...

Those 3 colors remind me of an art project I did with the kids using tissue paper. Pretty! I love your little friends. I received my paint by number project. I think it might take me years to do, lol.

jalna said...

Have fun, Susan!!!

jalna said...

Annie, there was a local gal who sold crystals online. The site is not up anymore so I think she stopped selling. She worked near my office so I would pick up my orders at her working place.