Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hand Lettering

Maybe it was just a matter of time . . . it's kinda related . . .  although it's a whole 'nother can of worms.  


Like watercoloring, hand lettering requires practice, practice, practice . . . but maybe not being perfect makes it kinda quaint . . . no?


Honolulu Aunty said...

Very quaint and personal! Keep on keeping on with your new found passion!

Leslie's pics said...

wowwwww! Niice!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! You are gifted with talent!


DNakamaru said...

You can make sets and sell them.

Anonymous said...

j: how cool - you can frame these and put 'em up in your house or give away as gifts....artists' stuff are cool becuz it's original and from the heart -N

K and S said...

at least you are keeping busy:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! ~matsu

jalna said...

Aunty, thank you so much for the paint set. It's so special that it was hard for me not to just hoard it, but I forced myself to bust the pack open. The paint is so beautiful . . . very shimmery.

Thanks Les!

Thank you, Izsmom.

Dean, I wish I was ambitious then maybe I would.

I think I'll give away, N.

Very busy for now, Kat!

Thank you, Matsu.

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna.....Your new Creative Art section of your family run restaurant, art gallery, and Hobby Section will be a big hit! ; )

Soon you will have a Mall with a Food Court! ; )

Carry on! And you will be Rich! ; )

jalna said...


Susan said...

Wow nice! I went to Ross and saw a water color brush set. Not sure how good it is.

jalna said...

Susan, that's the very first set that I got. But I gave it away already. It wasn't translucent enough for me.