Saturday, September 2, 2017

Dream (Outside World) - 01/24/1995

I've always had vivid dreams. Long ago, I would sometimes jot down what I could remember right after waking up.

Here's one. 


I live underground in an area much like an underground subway station. I've lived there all of my life. It seems that my people (who I think are mostly women) were originally trapped there long ago by what might have been an earthquake or some similar disaster. 

A friend and I spend our days looking for a way out. We have to sneak to do this. Although we're not in any danger, it seems that we're not supposed to be looking. 

We climb up fallen rocks and boulders trying to get high and close to the ceiling to look for an opening. We don't know what it's like outside, but for some reason we feel an urge to get away from our underground situation.

Two older oriental ladies lead us to a rusty, orange-colored tub that's filled with water. They seem to be in charge of it. In the middle of the tub is a pipe that's about a foot in diameter. They tell us that this pipe goes to the outside world. You may enter it only when it is your chosen time and not sooner.

The pipe seems too narrow. I doubt that anyone can fit into it. 

I watch as a woman approaches the tub. She enters the pipe, and head first, goes down and disappears into it. Another woman follows. As she goes downward, water sloshes into the pipe, and I worry that she'll suffocate and drown. I point this out to one of the ladies in charge. She peers down into the pipe and says that it should be okay. I don't trust that she really knows.

I know that later when no one is watching I could easily sneak to the tub and jump into the pipe. But I'm afraid.


Today is this blog's 10th Anniversary. I can't believe it!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Love your blog! Also you are very talented. I like your painting and your dream reminds me of Harry Potter, when they had to flush themselves down the toilet to enter the "wizarding" world. LOL


DDD said...

You didn't draw the picture, did you?
I like your dream and pic.
Do you have recurring dreams?

Leslie's pics said...

10 years already?!?!?! Holy crap! Congratulations! Hey your pictures are getting really good :)

Chet Colson said...

That is So cool, to document your dream state. I have dreams, 5 minutes after I get up,I forget what it was. I love dreams of flying over the ocean along a coast line.

jalna said...

Izsmom! Me and Leslie are totally into Harry Potter! Thank you for your kind words.

DDD, I did draw the picture *blush*. Mindy Lacefield's artwork made me realize that it's okay to do child-like, inaccurate drawings. And now I'm having fun drawing and painting. I used to have recurring dreams, but not so much anymore.

Les, the 10 years went by so fast!!

Chet, I used to keep paper and pen near me so that I could quickly jot down the dream. Otherwise, like you said, it's gone in 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

j: I couldn't believe you actually painted that cute cute cute pix! Honto. But I saw your signature on the side and I was like Whoooaaaahhhh. You went from crawling to running in water coloring. Dang girl you got mad skills. Anyway congrats on your 10 years, I'm on FB and I'm lucky if I write one post per week. Don't see how you manage it - - but DON'T EVER STOP! -N

Susan said...

Cool dream! Love your pic and painting...very pro like. And this is the best blog ever! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PHOTOS BY JALNA!!

Mark Shelby said...

Awesome! I found you during your Wigwam Stores blog page. Was that 2012?

I've enjoyed your site ever since Aunty Jalna! ; )

Honolulu Aunty said...

What a great dream, and REALLY great painting! Love it! Forget the flowers and candles - draw what is floating around in your head!

jalna said...

Thanks. N! To think we woulda never met if not for this blog yah.

Thank you, Susan.

Glad I did that post, Mark.

Thanks, Aunty!

K and S said...

wow! so fast. happy blogaversary!

Kay said...

I'm really awed by your artistic ability. 10 years? No kidding? Wow! Congratulations!!!

alibaba37 said...

How interesting. You're improving so much with your watercolors, very nice. Happy blog anniversary.