Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kagoshima Wagyu

I few weeks ago I splurged and spent around $50 at Don Q for a little over half a pound of Kagoshima Black Cattle Wagyu (黒牛 和牛). I justified the purchase by telling myself that going out to a high-end restaurant (which we never do) woulda cost way more. No?


Landon simply fried the beef and we dipped it in a tiny bit of fleur de sel salt before eating. It was soooo good.

It's hard to describe the texture of wagyu . . . it's an almost melt-in-da-mouth experience. I hope you get to try some for yourself if you haven't yet.

Thanks for the heads-up, Kevin!


Leslie's pics said...

whoa that meat looks delicious!!!!!

jalna said...

Was, Les!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Looks so good! I always wondered how those expensive kine taste. - L

Anonymous said...

J: WOW it looks fab and even better from Japan. Hoo broke da mouth good, so glad you shared with us. -N

K and S said...

I think it is all the marbled fat that keeps the meat so tender:)

Susie said...

Wow looks really yummy.

Chet Colson said...

You were justified spending on the wagyu. If you went to a hi-end restaurant; you would spend on gas to get there, validation costs money, ala carte items usally add up, in addition to beverage and dessert. Plus, you ate it in the comfort of your home. I've had Kobe beef, SO good.

Honolulu Aunty said...

That was about $3.00 per bite. Glad it was good!

Mark Shelby said...

So I had to look up the history of Wagyu. You all will enjoy this! In Japanese with English subtitles from one awesome old bugga that knows all about Wagyu!

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna! No wonder Wagyu tastes so good! ....hehe

Wagyu Drinking Beer! ; )

Mark Shelby said...

I think you all will really enjoy this too!

Preparing Wagyu beef!

This Wagyu Beef Factory Is The Holy Grail For Meat Eaters — The Meat Show

Craig S said...

We had the Kagoshima Wagyu as part of our Kaiseki meal in Tokyo. One word to describe it. "Wow"

Susan said...

Wow the marbling! Makes it so worth it, yeah?!!

jalna said...

I hope you get to try someday, L!

N, Yah it was broke da mouth ono!

Kat, it's so amazing to me that such meat can be produced.

Hey Susie, you should try one day.


It totally was, Aunty!

Thanks for sharing, Mark.

Exactly, Craig!

It was, Susan.

Kay said...

This sounds amazing although my tummy is funny from eating too much pizza yesterday.