Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fleur de Sel

Awhile back I got this sample pack of salt from Marukai. I didn't pay too much attention to it and just set it aside.

A few days ago I picked it up and took a good look at it. I saw that it said "shio no hana" . . . "flower of salt".  I slowly started to realize that this was a special kind of salt. I cut a corner off of the pack and took a look at the grains. They were very different. They were flaky.


I googled "fleur de sel". 

I found the following info here

Foodies and big-time chefs go crazy for fleur de sel. This finishing salt appears in fancy eateries and cookbooks the world over. Fleur de sel is one of those small but indispensable touches, like good quality olive oil or fresh herbs that change an ordinary meal into a culinary experience.

Because of its delicate nature and higher price relative to other salts, fleur de sel isn't meant for seasoning a dish while you cook it. If you expose it to high temperatures, it will melt and lose its unique character.

Instead, you should use sprinkles of fleur de sel on anything that needs a little extra oomph right before it's consumed: salads, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, and dessert.

I had some edamame in the freezer so I dug some out and zapped um in the microwave. I sprinkled it with the fleur de sel. After one taste I realized that it seemed to be saltier than regular salt. Do you think that's possible? At any rate, it went well with the edamame, and I'm so glad that I didn't let it go to waste. 


Baby Mynah Update: I asked Lehua about the bird and she said it's doing fine!


Honolulu Aunty said...

Salt looks good! Kinda like Hawaiian rock salt - makes things saltier - but looks more pretty.

Good to hear about Baby Mynah.

Anonymous said...

j: thanx for the update on the bird! -N

K and S said...

love fleur de sel

Leslie's pics said...

Is it the same as sea salt? Sea salt seems pretty darn salty to me! I'm so happy that baby mynah is doing well!

jalna said...

Me too now, Kat!

It is sea salt, Les, but it's the top layer and the "cream of the crop". It's flakier and less dense than regular. I'm so happy about Baby Mynah too. I told Lehua to start teaching it to talk.

Kay said...

Very, very interesting. I've never heard of this.

Myko said...

Kauai Red Salt mo' bettah.

jalna said...

Kay, not sure if they carry it in regular supermarkets.

Myko! I keep thinking about some Kauai red salt that Wendell's friend gave to us looooong time ago. I remember that it was flaky like this salt, and red. I wish I had known then how special it was.

Erick said...

That's cool salt, expensive too.