Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Vintage Stanley Yankee Push Drill

I scored this vintage hand drill for free this past weekend, and since I have nothing else to blog about, here you are . . .

I got the following information online: 

First designed and manufactured by North Brothers, Stanley continued the manufacture of this push drill after purchasing North Brothers in the 1940's until about 15 years ago. It was made of chrome-plated solid brass and beautifully finished. 

Using the push drill is simple. You install a bit in the end and push. When you push down the bit digs in and when your hand comes up, the bit spins in reverse and helps clear chips (or dust). 

I plan to use it to make pukas in charms or maybe more hangings. I ordered a small vice clamp from Amazon so that I don't end up drilling into my fingers.

I discovered that more bits are stored in the base only after researching online. What a nice surprise. 

Here's a video about the drill in case you're interested and are still reading this and neva go on to somebody else's blog already.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Such a score! You can also use it on polymer clay after it is baked, other plastics, wood, etc. Congrats on your find!

Susan said...

Wow, you definitely scored with that! I can handle that with small projects around the house without having to wait for the hubby! Only thing is, can't do it on the concrete walls : )

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're great at finding neat things.


Chet Colson said...

here's another application, for dental work....lol!

Dd said...

ummm.....but .... what do you do with it ??

Mark Shelby said...

Nice! My Dad had two vintage hand drills like these in this video. I loved helping him build things when I was a kid.


jalna said...

Thanks for the tips Aunty! I was hoping it could drill through plastic.

Susan, that's the best thing . . . I don't have to ask Wendell to drill for me.

Cool one yah, Izsmom!

Funny, Chet!

Drill small pukas, Dd.

Awwww, more cool memories, Mark.

DNakamaru said...

I have 2 of those. Good stuff for small jobs and no need battery!

jalna said...

Dean, I've been looking for a small craft one for awhile, but the "made in China" look of most of them made me hesitant. This one looks really well made.

K and S said...


Kay said...

Good grief! That is just so awesome!