Sunday, February 19, 2017

W & M Burger

Wendell and I went to City Mill in Kaimuki yesterday. We decided to walk next door to W & M Burger to pick up our lunch.

Their parking lot is horrendous.

Service is nice but suuuper slow. From the time we first got in line until we received our order, about 35 to 40 minutes elapsed.

Is it worth it?



jason.f.leong said...

Secret... Phone order ;)

Anonymous said...

j: my g/f raved about this place many many years ago, so one day got their food...and it wasn't very special. The burgers was so small and the mac salad which she raved about too was ok. I didn't get it. They were by KHS but I don't remember ever eating there. I dunno -N

Cloudia said...

Kaimuki KINE!

Honolulu Aunty said...

I used to like it when it was on 9th Avenue and Waialae and I was small. And was cheap - 5 teriyaki burgers for $1! Okay, I was really small and was REALLY long time ago.

I went there when they opened up next to City Mill. Was kinda disappointed and was kinda expensive for one kinda dry skinny hamburger. (sorry).

Now go-to hamburger joint is Bob's Barbeque off of Dillingham. I get the Bob's special - cheeseburger, fries (I ask for the curly fries), and large soda. Always ono, filling, and worth it.

Interesting story, back in 1978 I saw the place and stopped by to try. The new owner, Mr. Lee (I think that was his name but anyways he was Chinese) asked me to try his teriyaki hamburger because he was trying to make it taste good like W&M in Kaimuki. So, I tried it, and was really good - nice and juicy and it DID taste like W&M's burgers, maybe even better because it was more fat.

A few years later, after I got married, we lived in Kalihi and Bob's Barbeque was the place we went to for their huge ono beef barbeque ribs.

Eh, Jalna, next time you looking for grind in that area, try the St. Louis Drive In across from the school. Surprisingly good, they still put the food on paper plates and cardboard boxes. Gets all limp fast so eat quickly. One of the ladies at the counter with white hair has been working there for almost 50 years! Unreal. She went to Kaimuki, a few years older than us.

K and S said...

love w&m but their parking can get krazy!

Kalin's Mommy said...

I love to go there, but we don't like the parking lot either!

Mark Shelby said...

What did that spot used to be called? Rainbow Drive Inn? I remember that spot and the family closed down a few years back and retired. I had been going there since a kid in the 1950's and 1960's++.

On a side note. You won't believe this Jalna, but I went back to Smart and Final to get my $0.69 rain check chicken thighs yesterday and they were still out of them. But now they had close out drum sticks and whole leg fryers for only $0.40 cents per pound (close to the sell by date dat's why)! I bought two packs at about 8 pounds and only around $3.00 bucks for all! Best chicken deal eva! ; )

25 drum sticks for 3.00 bucks! I counted! ; )

jalna said...

Jase, for sure next time! Thanks!

N, funny you should mention that they were by KHS. I don't remember that, but Wendell said so also. I only remember them on 9th Ave. and at the current location. I looooove the BBQ burger with mayo.

For real yah, Cloudia!

Oooooh, thanks for the tips Aunty! I'll tell Wendell about Bob's . . . or maybe he already knows . . . but I wanna check it out now. Landon goes to St. Louis Drive In. So cute about the paper plates and cardboard boxes!

Kat and Mich, it IS karazy. And with all the people waiting for their food watching you try to park . . . I no can . . . too much pressure.

Whaaaaat, Mark? So good deal! I'm trying to remember what was there before, and I can't think of it.

Leslie's pics said...

yuuuummmmmmm and they cheap too!!!

jalna said...

I like eat again, Les . . .

Kay said...

I've never even heard of W & M. Sounds great!

jalna said...

They were on 9th Avenue when I was a small kid, Kay.