Monday, February 20, 2017

Totoro Charms

I took these guys off my monitor at work and brought them home to try and turn them into charms. 


Look at my cool doomahichy-thingy that I got from Amazon.

It holds the tiny Totoro in place good.

I used my new push drill and made a tiny puka on the top of the head.

I got these from Ben Franklin. 

I was gonna use Gorilla glue to hold the eye pin in place, but I changed my mind and used this glue instead. The consistency is thinner than Gorilla glue so I thought that it'd do a neater job.

Plus I thought that the needle tip might work out better. 

I hope it'll hold the pin in securely. Do you want one?

Let me know. They're so small that I can easily mail it to you. Just email me your mailing address . . .


Cloudia said...

Oh Please YES! MAHALOS!!!!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow, that's a neat holder thingy. So cute the charms. If I find any tsum tsum kind maybe you can do it for me too!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Oh, SOOOO cute!!! I better not - am trying to clean up and those would start me on another collection of cute stuff.

Had to laugh - I thought you were going to make a hole through Totoro's butt with the gadget you got from Amazon.

jalna said...

My pleasure, Cloudia!

Heeey Mich, good idea. I had a small Minnie Mouse that I put it in my giveaway box at work. Wonder if anybody took it.

Hahahaha, Aunty . . . some already had a nice puka in the butt. I know what you mean about "collections" . . . they can get big. Best not to start.

K and S said...

you so creative!

Dd said... so cute......I was like IMMEDIATELY gonna look for stuff for you ... unicorns...owls....I even got this tiny small Thomas the train guy......and and .....umm...can you drill thru glass ?? prob not..hummm....I think I need to declutter ...grummppphh..

jalna said...

Haha, thanks Kat.

Sounds cute, Dd! So hard to declutter . . . stuff come in faster than they go out.

Leslie's pics said...

Came out really good!! Remind me to ask you about the glue later....

Kay said...

So awesome! And so cute! Do you know I have a silver necklace that came apart years ago and still haven't put back together. I wish I had your brain.

jalna said...

Kay, I wish I had YOUR brain.