Friday, July 29, 2016

QQ Tea House

This is a Honey Lemon Black Tea ($4.00) that I got from QQ Tea House a few weeks ago. The day had been so hot and sticky, and this was soooo refreshing, it made me go, "Ahhhhhhh!" 

QQ Tea House is on the corner of King Street and University Avenue, near where Uyeda Shoe Store is now, in the back of where Uyeda Shoe Store used to be. Is that confusing? 

Ok, how about QQ Tea House is on the corner of University and Kuilei which runs parallel to King?


Ok, how about I show you one map?  Except it's kinda off. QQ's should be below Uyeda Shoe Store, not above it. 😜

The lady there was kind enough to give me a fold-out menu. So nice. 






K and S said...


Honolulu Aunty said...

Extensive menu! Cute spelling. I must tell my daughter about it - she is always going out for tea drinks.

Susan said...

It's been super hot here too, giving me headaches! Wow, you know how you start to go um, um, um at the pizza place...I get that when reading through a menu like this with no pics!! I went to Pieology the other week...didn't even know we had one here til I read your post on it and I looked out of the window at Chuck E Cheese's and saw it, lol, and i loved it!

jalna said...

Yes Kat!

Aunty, I think she'll like it. I'm thinking of trying the Strawberry Green Tea next time.

You sooo funny, Susan!!!

Mokihana said...

Small kid time, on the corner of King and University, Diamond Head from the tea house, used to be a small mom and pop store that I used to go to all the time coming home from the Waikīkī area... look at it now...

jalna said...

Awww, miss those days, Moki. I used to like to go to a mochi store that I think was Ewa of University Avenue.