Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kauai - Chef George of the Jungle Food Truck

We were driving back to Lihue from Hanalei trying to decide where to stop for dinner when Leslie and I passed by a bunch of food trucks. Since we were all dirty and hauna (stinky) from our long day, this was perfect. 

We chose greek food from Chef George of the Jungle. I had purposely not brought my flash on this trip wanting to lighten my load, so this is the best shot I could get of the truck.


Back at our hotel room, even before bocha-ing (bathing), we wen grind. I got the Organic Chicken Kebob Gyro ($13.50). It was some ono!!

This is Leslie's Organic Falafel Pita ($11.25).  Les was not happy with her falafel. She said that everything about it was junk, especially the flavor.

In hindsight, I think I shoulda given Leslie half of my gyro instead of scarfing down the whole thing myself. Oops! Sorry Les.


Leslie's pics said...

When am I gonna get a good meal on this trip?? I was gonna steal a piece of chicken when you weren't looking but you never turn away! ahahahahha ;)

K and S said...

bummer about the falafel, everything looked good though

Anonymous said...

j: That's one ethnic food I no can get into. I feel for Leslie, lotsa time (too many), I am hungry and take one bite and it's so junk. No choice but to force myself to scarf it down. Esp. hard on Kauai when everything shuts down so early. Aww. Junk =N

Mark Shelby said...

Cool! The first food truck I remember on Oahu was the Shrimp Truck just north of Laie. I signed my name on da side of that truck, like everyone used to do. Then later in the 1980's while working at our Marsh Company Home Furnishings, a food truck guy came up to me and asked if he could pay me to park his food truck in back of our warehouse on our property. I told him no, you can't pay me! But if you give all of my employees a plate lunch at 50% off you can park here for free! And so he did, and we did! Yummers! ; )

I always thought bartering is creative and fun!

Kay said...

We got a try a food truck too in Waimea. I haven't gotten around to organizing our photos yet. Too much to do...

jalna said...

Lol, Les!

We had a baklava too, Kat. That was good.

N, I think you woulda liked my chicken kebob gyro.

Good deal, Mark!

Looking forward, Kay!