Thursday, April 3, 2014

Arbor Mist Frozen Cocktail

My family will tell you that I'm not really into liquor. But once in awhile I do enjoy me a frou-frou drink.  I got these at Don Quijote last week, BEFORE they went on sale. They're $1.77 now until Saturday.

You freeze the pouch and when you're ready to enjoy, you squoosh it all up, and squeeze it into your glass.

I haven't tried the pina colada one yet . . . maybe this weekend.  This strawberry daquiri was good . . . not OMG GOOD . . . just good.

After I took this picture, I dumped the contents into a plastic cup and drank it with a straw . . . more easy that way.


Erick said...

Cool! It would probably draw easier if you add more alcohol.

Anonymous said...

A little paper umbrella and a wedge of pineapple would of made it even tastier....can't you hear the marimba band playing ????;) that happens after several more drink ides.

jalna said...

LOL, you're probably right, Erick.

I can kinda hear the band, Anon!!

Anonymous said...

Hey,is that jalna dancing on the tabletops with the fruit basket on top of her head? Or was that Chiquita banana! ;)

jalna said...