Saturday, November 2, 2013

Snail Patrol

Another lemon plant got ravaged.  Makes me so mad. It's probably the Suckin' Snails.

One evening, I put some Hawaiian salt around my pots.


The next morning I found one snail trying to find a safe route.

Suckin' Snail

I've started doing snail patrols at night.  This one somehow got through my salt barrier.

And look one frog!  I actually saw two. IMG_7052

And this lizard.


Honolulu Aunty gave me this to use against bugs.  I'm hoping it'll be a deterrent against reptiles/amphibians/snails too.


CT said...

Butter & Garlic works better than salt, tell Wendell Google escargot. Frogs & Lizards are good guys, they eat da bugs.
Good luck


jalna said...

"Butter and Garlic" . . . hahahaha and ewwwwww, CT. So frogs and lizards are good guys . . . awright!

Anonymous said...

I know a dish of beer works with slugs, maybe it will work with snails, too?

jalna said...

That's what I read too, Anon.

Mokihana said...

The other thing you can do is kitty litter. They won't crawl over it because it's kinda sharp. Better than poison.

Les said...

suckin snails!

Kalin's Mommy said...

What if you put cracked egg shells around the plant stem? I don't know why but my grandpa used to do that.

K and S said...

aw those snails are rotten :(

jalna said...

Kitty litter, Moki!!! Ooooh.

Yup, Les.

That's what I been reading, Mich. The snails don't like to crawl over them 'cause their sharp.

Yeah they are, Kat. The numbers caught on my nightly patrol are going down . . . 10 last night . . . and mostly small ones now.

Darth Mama said...

When I first noticed them, I want on patrol like you and caught 100 slugs and snails over one night and one early morning patrol. I placd them in a bucket and poured salt over them. I have an aquaponics system too, and they crawl right over the cinder rocks. It doesn't seem to be too sharp for them. I find I have to constantly be on patrol. I even found the coqui looking frogs too!

jalna said...

I'm like obsessed now, Darth Mama. I go out twice a night with flashlight and then again first thing in the morning. So OCD.