Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nefful Gloves

Awhile back Aunty's caregiver showed me a brochure of "awesome" health products called Nefful. They supposedly work on a "negative ion" principle. While the caregiver was raving about the health benefits and how this person and that person's health issues totally went away after using the products, I (always skeptical) quickly leafed through the brochure for the cheapest thing that I could find just so that I could help her out.  

I picked these gloves because, after all, I do wake up with stiff fingers every morning.  I thought that it would be worth the $30 to try them out, even though I really had my doubts.



I've been putting the gloves on when I sleep (when I remember) for the past few weeks now.  Surprise, surprise . . . I think they're working.  I'm not really certain, but I think my fingers are less stiff in the mornings now.  For real.  So Wendell's gonna take a look at the brochure to see if there's something that he could use.

I just have to tell you . . . there's this bizarre thing that happens with the gloves while I sleep.  Almost every night when I get up to go to the bathroom, I'll find that the glove on my left hand is off.  It'll be on the bed somewhere.  It can't come off on its own . . . trust me . . . I've tried. I have to use my right hand and pull at each finger to get the glove off.  It totally baffles and intrigues me that I do this and have no memory of it.  

Many people who I've talked to about this are not surprised.  They can relate similar experiences . . . with retainers, moisturizing gloves, etc.  Me . . . I'm thinking, "How can?"  

I wanna get a video camera-thing to record me sleeping at night.  I wanna see me actually taking off the glove.  OR . . .  and this is what I really think . . . catch the menehunes that come at night and take it off.


Lorna said...

So, have you caught the menehune at work yet? You gotta set up your spy cam!

jalna said...

No, not yet, Lorna. And now I stopped doing it.

Nippon Nin said...

That is so interesting. A bit spooky.

jalna said...

I got myself in the act last night, Akemi!