Monday, July 8, 2013

This Past Weekend

We had a couple of errands to do in the Kaimuki area so me, Geri and Sweetie met in the morning this past Saturday. These are mostly iPhone pictures again. I'll be back to lugging around my heavy camera again soon . . . my back's getting better.

We started off at a garage sale on 9th Avenue in Palolo.  I think the lady is a "regular" seller because her set up in her garage didn't look temporary.  Geri found some sandalwood soap. She's planning to leave it unwrapped in her bathroom for the fragrant smell.

I bought these for $6.

We then headed for Kaimuki town.  This newly painted wall on 12th Ave. caught our eye.  On closer look we saw the Otto Cake sign.

The owner decided to relocate to this area after a recent "gun" incident in Chinatown.  He said that he feels a lot more at ease here.

He had just completed a big order, and being unfamiliar with his new kitchen hadn't been able to fully stock his showcase.  Still, what he did have displayed looked really yummy!

We then headed to Kaimuki Camera, and on the way passed by this familiar vegetable stand.

We got our passport pictures taken at Kaimuki Camera.  My picture came out absolutely hideous. Every single wrinkle, blemish, liver spot, uneven skin tone shows up. The real me . . . yuck.  Here is Sweetie practicing her chin jut.  I had just told her my secret to eliminating my double chin in photos.

Nearby to Kaimuki Camera is Aloha Crepes.  I was surprised to see the Aloha Poke Bowls sign in the window. 



Geri wanted to check out Hawaiian Nougat Company which just opened up in Kaimuki across the street from Kaimuki Camera.

They're still not quite set up yet.

We got to sample this nougat. Before tasting it, I was afraid that it might be too brittle for my teeth, but it was perfect in texture . . . nice and chewy . . . and it was delicious.

Starting in August they will be having candy-making classes!

Our next stop was Bead It!  Talk about a reality check.  As one being accustomed to swap meet prices, I was flabbergasted at the price tags.  And as usual, I managed to embarrass myself once again.  There was a table full of "trunk sale" charms.  The sign said $4/gram.  I had no clue how much a gram was, so I grabbed a handful of charms and took them to the counter.  I said, "Can you give me an idea of how many of these make a gram."  She dug through my handful of charms and pulled out the smallest one she could find. She placed it on her scale and said, "This one is 2 grams." I tried not to make my eyes widen up big and said, "Oh, okay. Thank you." Holy moly!  I did buy 2 spools of wire though.  They were $5 each.

We had dim sum for lunch at Happy Days.  Sorry, no photos . . . crappy lighting.  Then we browsed in here on the way to the car.

So so so cute yah!  Glass mushrooms.

I forgot to check the price.

Another new place.

On Sunday we went to Aloha Swap Meet . . . specifically to see the lady with the glassware.  It seems we didn't buy enough from her last week.  Her pieces are so beautiful and her prices so reasonable that Geri's vow of "no more glass" flew out the glass window.

I had to add this picture 'cause it seems so in-theme even though they're made of resin and not glass.

Here are my swap meet finds (taken with my real camera). These pink beads were from a necklace that I took apart. It was $1.  And isn't the plate pretty?  I got it at a Collector's Expo at the Blaisdell.  I think it was around $5.

These beads were on a broken string.  It was also $1.  I bought the bowl yesterday from the glassware lady.  It was $3.

I hand picked these beads that were in a bowl.  The bigger pieces were 25 cents each.  I paid $3 for all. The bowl was $4.

These were $1 each.  The orange carnelian bracelet is actually made with juzu Buddhist prayer beads so I think I'm gonna keep it intact and wear it myself.

The other day, the morning light was coming through the window juuuuust right so I stuck this phone charm onto a plastic container that was on top of my dresser.  I love how the light reflects off the beads.

Look how pretty. See how lighting makes all the difference?  I'm pau with this piece.  I'll be giving away both pieces in my next giveaway.  I'm still not quite sure how I'll be doing the giveaway yet. We'll see. Stay tuned.


Les said...

wow, busy weekend! I'm glad I don't go out with you guys...I'd probably go broke!

jalna said...

But that's the good thing about swap meet, Les. Everything is so cheap.

Nippon Nin said...

I agree with you, the glass mushrooms are really cute, happy little guys! It's always great to see the swap meet scene. You purchased a lots of good stuff too. I enjoyed it very much.

Honolulu Aunty said...

I LIVE in Kaimuki and was impressed with the places you found there! Good stuff! Next time you want shave ice, go to Your Kitchen on 10th Avenue in Palolo. SO fine and homemade syrups. Pork bowl is also to die for.

I will be at the Collectible Show next weekend, maybe selling glass, beads, but not my marbles (nyuk nyuk nyuk) - booth 232. Any of your friends can ask for the "Jalna discount"- might not be as good as the swap meet, but at least it is air conditioned!

jalna said...

Awww, thanks Akemi.

Honolulu Aunty, so cool when new places pop up yah! I love Your Kitchen shave ice. Have yet to try their food, but will try the pork bowl next time. Maybe we'll see you at the Collectible Show! Me and my sisters did grab the $1 off coupons at the swap meet. And thanks for the "Jalna discount" . . . soooo funny!!!