Monday, July 1, 2013

Aloha Swap Meet 6/30/2013

Aloha Swap Meet!  Hoo hoo!  Yesterday, me, my three sisters and Aunty got to spend the morning looking for bargains!  So good fun.


Geri found this cute head band for $1. She gave it to Aunty. Aunty loved it.

I got this to replace my bust-up coin purse. I like the loop thing on the side.  I hook it onto my bag.  That way I won't accidentally leave it somewhere.

Landon wanted to try soursop so I bought this for him.  It was $3/pound.  I paid $3.70 for this one.  A lady that was passing by said to eat it cold with a spoon. She said it'll taste like ice cream!

Geri bought this necklace for $3.  The blue pieces look like lapis.

Sweetie bought this bling bracelet and ring for $1 each.

I liked the look of these gravy bowls, and they were only $1 each so I bought two.

Sweetie got this scarf for $1 . . . getting ready for Japan!

I bought this for Aunty.  It was $1.

I also bought this bling Hello Kitty for $3.

Geri scored these Jeff Chang vases.  They were a buck each!

She also found this Mediterranean Cookbook for $1.

We like cookbooks with pictures in um.

Ono, juicy lychee were selling for $5/pound.

These magazines were 10 cents each.

I said,  "I don't need any more stamps . . . but how much are those?"  She said, "50 cents each."  I said, "Oh noooooo." And I bought um. They're unused . . . still got plastic wrap on um.  I just checked on eBay, and similar ones go from $7 to $10 each.  Anybody want um?  Let me know. Email me at or comment here. First one can have um.  I'll update here if/when they get taken.  Update:  Audrey emailed me already, so they're no longer available.  Ho Audrey, that was fast! LOL!

I found another one of these rolley things for only $2!  My plan is to take it to Japan with us so that we can buy choke stuff while shopping, and then if I'm too overloaded coming home, I can just leave it there.

There was a lady selling beautiful, beautiful glassware . . . and so my sisters were in a daze looking at um all.  Geri told herself that she could have only one item, so she got this.  It was only $2.

I picked up this bowl and said, "Isn't this awesome?"  She said, "Yes." I said, "Do you want it?"  She said, "Yes."  So I got it for her as part of her birthday present.  It was only $12!

Plant-loving Sweetie bought this plant for $2.

Didi can't resist these YY Japan-ware.  These bowls were 4/$5. Geri bought them for her as an early birthday present.  (Her birthday is in November - LOL!)

I scored these Japanese videos for $1 each.  The movies are from the 1950's. The guy selling um said that they originally belonged to his friend who recently passed away. After I got home I was shocked to see that they're available on Amazon.  The average price is about $20 each.  "Early Summer" was actually selling for $29.

This is always the best part of swap meet shopping . . . lunch at Sam and Syd's . . . and as you can see . . . we no fool around!


Anonymous said...

what kind of plant is that?
the grassy looking one?


K and S said...

cool finds, I think my mom has that same bowl with the shrimp on it.

jalna said...

Kevin, Sweetie said it's a papyrus!

Kat, Didi has plates with the same design, but these would be her first bowls.

Kay said...

OK, you're convincing to try going back to the swap meet. You really got good buys!

Erick said...

Wow, you folks had a great day!

jalna said...

Kay, it's oftentimes really hot, but there was a breeze that day, so it wasn't too bad.

Yeah Erick, good fun times.

Nippon Nin said...

Was the sour sop really taste like ice cream? I'm so disappointed that I didn't get those neat stamps. The necklace and bracelets are so pretty! So fun to read your blog.

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi! The soursop was creamy like ice cream. The taste is kind of strong.

DNakamaru said...

You guys too good! Thanks for the post!

Dd said...

sooo....I bought 5 of those 10 cent magazines....I really didnt take the time to look through each and every one of so many of the recipes were ripped out ;o{

jalna said...

Thanks Dean.

Hahaha. Kinda funny Didi! At least was only 10 cents each.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Sell the videos on Amazon and you have more spending money for Japan! I sell using "Fulfillment by Amazon" - I ship it to them and they send it out if someone buys. Since I started doing that, things are actually moving out of my inventory - maybe because buyers like to know that Amazon is shipping the item. Fees are kinda high, but now I have free shelf space at home.

I love your swap meet adventures.

jalna said...

Honolulu Aunty, I love getting stuff from Amazon. It's the only online shopping that I trust doing. That's so cool that you sell through them. I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip!