Friday, July 5, 2013

Beading - Part 2

Hope you guys had a good 4th yesterday.  I spent the morning majorly cleaning the house and by the afternoon I was ready for some relaxation.  I couldn't wait to fuss around with some beads.

Do you know what these are?  They're plugs that fit into the earphone puka on an iPhone.  A guy at the swap meet sells them for 3/$1.00.

Sweetie gave me this dragonfly charm awhile back and when I got my iPhone, I attached it to one of the plugs so that I could decorate my phone with it.  Cute yah!

The other day I took some of my beads to work and asked Noreen to pick out a few.  I made this for her with um.

When I attached it to my phone I realized that I preferred it hanging the opposite way, so I switched it around a bit.

I made this one too.  Came out so sweet.

I wanna make more now.  Unfortunately the guy that sells the plugs said that he is gonna be away in Asia for a month. I guess I can attach whatever I make to the plugs later on.

I'm working on this bracelet now. I might hang something on the bottom of the pewter charms . . . not sure. 

So relaxing and good fun making these.  I need more beads now.  Swap meeeeeeeet this weekend!!


K and S said...

so nice those charms for the iPhone :)

Anonymous said...

check "dust plugs for cellphone" on ebay and amazon....way cheaper!

Taryn M said...

I like your bead work! If you're selling those phone charms, bracelets or necklaces lmk... i'd love to buy some from you!

Les said...

so cute!!

jalna said...

Thanks Kat!

Oooh Anon! I'll check it out. Thanks!

I'll let you know Taryn! Thanks!

Thanks Les!

Nippon Nin said...

So very pretty! I love them all! You did a great job!