Friday, October 12, 2012

Swap Meet

The pictures here are from two separate days.  The first set was taken at the Aloha Swap Meet a couple of weekends ago.

I love this picture of Geri propped among goodies looking at a stained glass lighthouse.

The seller was a Frenchman who admitted that he was a hoarder with three garages full of stuff, the best of which he said that he left at home. 

Geri did buy the lighthouse . . .

this glass ball . . .

and this glass display plate for $25.

Wouldja believe they got me buying glass stuff now too?   I got this cute little whale for $3.

And this glass ball for $10.

While we're on the subject of glass, Margaret the artist showed us this big marble that she had just bought. She pointed out the tent that she had gotten it from, but we never made it there. We were just too overloaded and too tired.

She also showed us this unreal crystal ball that a neighbor had given her for her birthday, which is the day before mine!

Remember how I was disappointed the last time when the energy bars were all sold out?  Well, while I was lingering at the Frenchman's tent, Didi and Sweetie came rushing back all excited.  They had bought all these!  Can you believe they're only $1 each!  And they're HUGE. 

They also bought NINE of these chocolate bread pudding!!  They were also only $1 each and very, very ono.  Didi said that they had some kind of chocolate liquor in um.

Here are my crazy sisters.

Geri scored this rocking stool for only $3 and Sweetie lugged it around for her. That's why Sweetie is called "Sweetie". She does stuff like that.  I, however, said, "I ain't lugging that."  That's why I'm just called "Jalna".

I did resist these stamps.

Had choke Halloween stuff.

Geri bought this book for $1.

I got this one for Wendell for $2.

Remember this kine ice tray?

I bought this plate for $1.

These mosaic tables were $5 each.

One big pot.

Some kind of grinder.

Sweetie bought this bumble bee for 50 cents.

Animals aren't allowed at the swap meet, but there were two there.  This cute 12-week old Rottweiler . . .

and this puppy.

The following week me and Geri went to Kam. 

Geri overheard this kid asking his dad if he could have this bear, so Geri bought it for him.  It was $2.

There were a lot of Halloween stuff there too.

I was looking for and found this perfect luggage carrier thing.  It was only $3. I plan to take it to Japan with me so that I can load all the stuff me and Les are gonna buy while shopping.

I paid $1 each for these DVDs.

Awhile back our washer's fabric softener dispenser kept getting clogged up.  I remembered having one of these before so I searched and searched but never could find it.  I saw this at the swap meet and it was only $1, so I got it just to have on hand.

Geri scored this dehydrator for only $3.  The guy said that he had only used it once.

I bought this puzzle for Colin for $2.

Geri got this glass bowl and the one in her other hand I think for around $5.

I already have one of these paper cutters, but I had to get this one 'cause it was only $1.  Normally it's around $20.

One of these earrings was missing the center stone so I got it for cheap . . . 50 cents.

I also got this bamboo cutting board for 50 cents.

Today is Friday and I can't wait to go to the swap meet again this weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Geri, can i have a bear too?


Dd said...

Sense and Sensibility is my all time fave movie !!

Dd said...

BTW...that "grinder" we had the exact same thing on our Salad Bar at Victoria Station...for black peppercorns....

Les said...

I don't know if I'm gonna be able to keep up with you in Japan! Man, you guys are hard core!! I haven't been "training"

Kalin's Mommy said...

I miss the swap meet too! You find so much good stuff! LOL

Randism said...

wow; you guys found some real bargains; and the glass marbles are so beautiful!

jalna said...

Oh nooooo Kevin!

Didi, how about Pride and Prejudice?

Les, I still need more "training".

Mich, I think we need to go to Swap Meet Shopper Anonymous.

Rand, maybe your daughter would enjoy checking it out. I still think about the glass bottles she likes, but am not sure what to look for.

Erick said...

You find the coolest stuff!

Dd said...

I love all things Jane Austin !

Nippon Nin said...

I would buy the bamboo cutting board. That is so cheap! The glass balls are pretty, bit pricy though. Me too, I love Sense and sensibility. I love Jane Austen. It's always fun to see your swap meets post.

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi. I agree about the glass balls. I think I don't really need to start a collection of those.

Susan said...

Can't wait for you to go again!! Paper cutter for a dollar...that is a huge bargain! Want the mosaic table!!

jalna said...

Funny Susan! How are the swap meets on Guam?

Anonymous said...

Aloha Jalna!
Could you tell me approx. where the seller for those energy bars are located and if she is there on Sat. and Sunday? I'm just amazed at what you folks find. I go a few times every month and lucky if I walk out with a bunch of green onions!

Love all your amazing photos too!

Susan said...

We have a Flea Market on weekends. The main section sells local vegetables, food, clothing, and other stuff. We go every so often mainly to eat and buy vegetables. There is a section where people try to sell and get rid of personal things but I haven't gone there yet. I should go and see what everyone is trying to sell : )

jalna said...

Hi Anon. The energy bar lady is just to the left of the main stadium entrance in Row B. I'll be posting a picture of her in my next swap meet post in a day or so. I don't know if she's there on Saturdays, but she's been there on all the Sundays that we've gone.

Hey Susan. I hope you get to check out the "junk" sellers next time you go!