Friday, October 5, 2012

Gnarly Trees

I pass by these trees on my morning walks with Kona.  I've always liked how they look but never could get a good capture of them though I've tried many times.

I took this shot 3 days ago at 6:32 am.  1600 ISO, 1/100, f4.5.  Cool trees yah.  BTW, anybody know what the pink thing tied to the tree is for?  I see them all over the place . . . on poles, on bushes.

Anyway, I took this picture this morning at 6:03 am . . . a half hour earlier than the other shot. 1600 ISO, 1/15, f2.8.  I like how the morning light is highlighting the left side of the tree.  I think I'm gonna try and get more shots like this.  Wish me luck.


Erick said...

Cool trees! What kind are they?

Leslie's pics said...

1/15 handheld?!?! You da mastah!!!

Randism said...

nice :-) i tink da pink ribbons r for breast cancer awareness; could also mean somebody get too much time on dare hands!

celia said...

I really like your secomd picture - for me there is a contrast between nature and manmade- yet it is peaceful.

CQUEK said...

How amazing are these shots!

jalna said...

I dunno Erick.

Camera on the shoulder technique Les!

"Dare hands" . . . funny Rand!

Thanks Celia.

Thanks Cquek.