Monday, October 29, 2012

Swap Meet 10/21/12 and 10/27/12

Here is another two-day shopping post.  I'll start with Aloha from a week ago.

Here are a few shots from the energy bar lady's tent.  Her grilled pumpkin was a dollar cheaper than the previous week. Maybe she got a good deal on pumpkins.

I took these pictures on our way in.  We also visited her tent on our way out and these were all gone.



I bought the tofu poke.  It was really good.

Energy bars sold out early.

I bought this wooden box for $1.  I liked it 'cause it was signed by "Bruce" on the bottom.

I also got this for $1.

We think this is a heater.

I got two old typewriter ribbon tins and this photo for $1.  Do you think it was taken at our pier?  I just love it.  I imagine somebody just arriving from Japan took this shot.  I bet his relatives are in the group.

Sweetie bought these two bags of rocks for $3.  She's gonna use them to decorate her planters.

She also bought this glass plate for $5.

You'd be proud of me.  I did resist these stamps . . .  although I did whine when I looked through um real fast.

I bought this book for Sweetie. it was 25 cents.

I got these brush heads for $13.  The guy gave me a deal even though I neva even ask.

Sweetie bought this for $1. She's gonna put a plant in um.

Didi got this . . .

and this for $9.  They were actually $5 each and we tried to get them both for $8, but the guy would only go down a buck.

You're not gonna believe what's on the other side of this leather plate.

This!!!  Cool yah!  It was $5.

Maybe they did it with China Glaze.  Hahahhaha.

Margaret was selling this Zellique frosted glass bird for $75.  I checked online . . . they go for at least $150.

This was selling for $10.  Wonder if it really works.

The French guy said I could have this when I asked him for the price.

Sweetie bought this glass basket from him for $15.

He was also selling this, but dunno how much it was.

I was pretty much in awe when I saw this buyer in her matching outfit, but my jaw dropped even further when I turned . . .

and saw this guy with his shark.  He said that he bought it for $20.

Veeeeery interesting . . .

This past Saturday, me and Geri went to Kam. It was a rather slow day for us shopping wise, and it was HOT HOT HOT, so we left kinda early.

Here are Geri's glass finds.

I bought these for $5.

And this Angry Bird mouse pad for $1.

I did a bundle deal and got these two for $9.  Funny thing . . . I was gonna pay $10, but the seller thought I was hesitating and said, "Okay, okay you can have them for $9." 

After lunch Geri told me about the shave ice at this place in Palolo.  We lucked out 'cause had one parking space right in front as we were driving by.


Geri had a combo mango and haupia.  Really tasted like fresh mango.

I had this strawberry bowl.  It was very, very good . . . like fresh strawberries.  And had one scoop vanilla ice cream inside!!



gracie said...

oooh the layered spicy tuna and tofu poke sounds ono!!

try the pork bowl next time you go Your Kitchen!!

Kalin's Mommy said...

That is a heater! We always stand under them in Vegas in the winter, I wonder why it's in Hawaii?

K and S said...

you guys are addicted :)

Randism said...

good stuff; maybe i'll be able to make it this sunday with my daughter :-)

Erick said...

Very cool stuff! Do they have more sharks? Looks almost real, except for the shiny plastic look. LOL

Les said...

ooh looks like you got some good deals. A quarter for the girl who played with fire?? STEAL!! Did she read the first one?

Hey, did you grab some fishcake when you went to eat shave ice? That's the same place we went to grab lunch that day when you told me about the fishcake man

jalna said...

Ok Grace, I'll check out the pork bowl next time!

Oh, so you stand under it Mich. Was wondering why it's so tall.

I think you're right Kat! Hahaha.

Bring water Rand. It's usually HOT.

I'll be looking for another shark for you Erick.

Aw shucks Les. I forgot about the fishcake. One track mind. Sweetie neva read the first one. I'm hoping it doesn't matter.