Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aloha Swap Meet 10/14/12

Here's my swap meet post for this past Sunday.  I have to tell you . . . there was an oogee guy following us around for a little while.  He said he was from Australia.  He asked if we were all married and when we said yes, he asked, "Happily?"  Ewwwwwww.

This is the energy-bar lady.  She is really, really nice.  She sells other food stuff too.

Didi bought this pumpkin from her.  She took one bite and bought another tray.  It was $4.  It was so ono . . . and you know why?  Fried in BUTTAH that's why.

The French hoarder guy was there again.  I took a picture of this chess set of his 'cause it was so pretty.

Geri bought the blue bottle from him for $3 and the green bottle for 50 cents.

Remember Margaret's glass balls from last time? Well, she was waiting for us to come so that she could offer them to Geri for $75. Geri bought um!!  The one on the right is quartz crystal.

Guess where we had to go after that.

When you go swap meet shopping with your sisters you gotta be careful . . . if you express the slightest interest in something, more than likely one of the sisters will buy it for you.  Geri bought this mirror for Sweetie.  It was $7.

A little while later Sweetie bought this tissue holder for Geri.  It was $4.

I saw this and went, "Whatda . . . .?"   Apparently, it's a "cherimoya".  Looks so weird to me, but must be good 'cause it was selling for $3 each.

The Vintage Rose tent had this "shabby chic window pane" for $25.

Bathroom break for four hardcore swap meet shoppers.

Didi bought these packs of rice for 50 cents each.

I was looking for and actually found this compass! Unfortunately, it was going for $5 and I didn't wanna pay that much.  Fortunately, when I put it back down, the seller said I could have it for $3. Hoo hoo.  It works good too.  Now me and Les not gonna get lost in Japan.

Some lucky kid got a school desk to do his/her homework on!

An orchid

And a pretty flower.


Leslie's pics said...

wooohooo! tour guide and a translator! We're set! I wonder if we're gonna get lost anyways...hahahaha!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Holy smokes, your sisters have a thing for glass! I think next time we go Aloha, I going look for the food lady and hope she has some pumpkin again! Looks ono!

jalna said...

Unfortunately Les, we might still get lost! Hahaha!

I started going for the glass too Mich . . . but I so do not need to start collecting them. That pumpkin was goooood.

Dd said...

ummm...little while !! Was kinda long.... to me ...I kep tlooking over my shoulder !! ooowwwggeee..
lonely huh...

jalna said...

I'm just glad we neva see him again today Didi.

Randism said...

eh! u no can blame da guy! wat, da way u guys dress in da hi heelz and tight skirts! give da guy one break! ha! ha!

great pictures as usual; i should take my daughter to da swap meet; i know she would love it; the marbles look awesome but $75! auwe!

jalna said...

Funny Rand. You should see how boro boro I dress. I have a feeling your daughter would love to check out the swap meet too.

mmiissee said...

After reading about the male tourist,
I'll make sure to bring someone along with me to the swap meet. What's an oogee? or am I pronouncing it wrong?!

mmiissee said...

the school desk looked in great it was never been used lol

mmiissee said...

do you happen to remember what section of the swap meet does the lady sell her ono looking food?

jalna said...

Not even sure how to spell it Mmiissee . . . maybe uuuujeeee . . . I don't think it's a real word. Funny about the desk not being used. LOL. The lady is usually in the B row to the right of the front of the stadium. She said that her stall is not reserved, so her location could vary.

mmiissee said...

whats the name of her stand?

jalna said...

Sorry, no more name Mmiissee.