Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween from a few of us at my working place.












Did I ever mention that I loooove the people that I work with?


Les said...

Soooo hilarious! I'm so glad you decided to do this!! Hey, how'd you get Susan's pic??? Magic!! That darn Ronnie is gonna give me nightmares.

K and S said...


Dd said...

OMGoodness is that hat thing...from the swap meet...did Geri loan it to him/her??

jalna said...

Les, Susan wanted to join in on the fun so she emailed us her picture!

It brightened up the day Kat.

Didi, a lot of the stuff we used was from Geri's collection.

Kalin's Mommy said...

LOL, so much fun working here! Thank for the day off too!

Anonymous said...

Just love that ajuma ! hope I spelled that right.

:) josefina :) said...

what a fun office! There are a LOT of employees there! wow

jalna said...

Awww Mich, I'm glad you think so. And thanks for always being so flexible.

OMG Anon, you shoulda heard the commotion when she walked in the door!

They're great coworkers Jos!

Dd said...

umm....okay....what is ajuma ?? I googled it and the only thing that came up was this colored model ??

Erick said...

Great costumes! You have a lot of nerds working there.

jalna said...

Didi, ajuma is like a bossy, elderly Korean lady.

Erick, the nerds were at our Ala Moana office!

Nippon Nin said...

It must be a great place to work. Love this post.

jalna said...

It is Akemi!

Yosh808 said...

OMG!! I friggen love Di's Old Korean Lady. Well, I'm assuming that's what she is. Bwahahha! Cuute everyone!!! Miss you all!